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From tile flooring and wall tiles to backsplashes and decorative accents, tile is a versatile product that can make a big difference in your home. It's also notorious for being tricky and messy to install, with special tools and expertise needed to make it look its best. If you've been searching for tile installation in Alexandria , Footprints Floors has the tile expertise you need!

Durable enough to last a lifetime, tile flooring offers a much wider variety of colors, textures and designs than hardwood. There is a tile pattern for every type of style, from modern or classic to contemporary. Tile is a premier material when it comes to durability, aesthetics, maintenance and cost. Plus, it is considered one of the most environmentally friendly solutions for flooring in your home. Learn more about our tile installation services by scheduling your free estimate today!

Benefits of Tile


While tile is not the least expensive flooring option, it is certainly more affordable than most hardwoods. For price-conscious homeowners, tile can be a great option for kitchens, bathrooms and even bedrooms.


Tile flooring is usually made from ceramic or porcelain and is glazed to protect from stains, scratches, and wear and tear. If your home receives a lot of foot traffic, a tile floor is guaranteed to last decades. While strong impact can crack tiles, they can be inexpensively replaced.


For homes in hotter climates, tile is essential. The surface of tile stays cool even on the hottest days of summer, allowing homeowners to keep utility bills low.


While hardwood may be classic, tile is simply stunning. The patterns, colors and textures available in tile are unmatched by hardwood. For those who want to make a statement with their flooring, tile is the way to go.

Easy To Maintain

One of the biggest benefits to homeowners when it comes to tile flooring is care and maintenance. Tile is water-resistant, is great for humid climates, and does not stain easily. Dirt and dust do not stick to tile, making it a great choice for those with allergies. Simply sweep and mop up any debris, and your tile floor will look brand new!

Transforming Your Home

Another benefit of tile is that it can transform the feel of your space. Glass tile is reflective, and if your area has a good source of light, the reflection of the light will make the room appear larger.

Great Floors & Great Impressions Are What We Are All About!

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Tile flooring installation in Alexandria - Footprints Floors.
Should You
Install Tile Yourself?

The act of laying tile itself seems easy. But cutting it with precision and laying it well can be difficult. On that note, it may make more sense to hire professional tile installers in Alexandria rather than to tackle the job yourself. One major problem for DIY-ers is that it is difficult to reverse tile work, should you make an error.

At Footprints Floors, we can help you make your dream home a reality. Simply choose your preferred tile, purchase the grout, and schedule an installation with us. We take care of everything from demolition and sub-flooring to the final tile installation, waxing and clean-up.

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What Our Customers Say

Amber's professionalism and expertise were fantastic. We ended up going in another direction (unfortunately the quote was a bit too high for us!) but we really appreciated how thoughtful and knowledgeable Amber was!
lauren zimmerman 02/22/23 — google
Amber is great! Communication was perfect and she was very punctual. She had ideas that we had not considered. Amber knows her stuff. Highly recommended.
Andy Johnson 02/17/23 — google
Phillip took great care in completing the restoration of my 80 year old parquet floors despite the nearly 6 month delay in the middle of the project. I’m thrilled to finally have my floors looking their best and ready to last for many years to come.
Jacob Wiggins 02/6/23 — google
Great experience working with Amber at Footprints Floors. We were referred to them via Floor and Decor’s design service. We completely replaced all tile and fixtures in two bathrooms. Footprints completed both bathrooms in just under two weeks and with high quality. Amber was also a pleasure to work with and incredibly helpful in ensuring we had the right materials for the job.
Scott Wood 12/9/22 — google
I couldn’t be any happier with Footprint Floors and David . My wood floors became horrible from my pet, and NOW they are Superior and gorgeous . Will use this company again .
Nanci Kline 12/1/22 — google
Footprints Floors did an awesome job with our basement flooring installation project. They were knowledgeable and easy to work with, and they completed the job ahead of schedule.
Ruth Murrow 11/14/22 — google
Amber was quick in replying to my request for an estimate. She came out to my house within a few days of my request and provided a very thorough estimate. She was very professional and pleasant to work with.
Kay Logan 11/7/22 — google
Phillip was very professional and great to work with. He made sure to have professional contractors come out to install the wood flooring. They were very efficient and everything looks great. I would use footprint flooring again for another project
Jonathan Bernstein 10/26/22 — google
Philip and his team did a great job with our basement floor update! We’ll definitely be using them in the future for any updates we need!
Emily Howard 10/10/22 — google
Working with Phil and Dan was a positive and friendly experience! We had the carpet in our entire upstairs replaced with hardwood and are thrilled with how beautifully it turned out. We got several quotes and felt Footprints provided the best value. They made themselves available for communication at all times and ultimately sent us a team that did really excellent work, quickly. My husband and I especially appreciated the feedback we got during the planning stages that saved us money and kept our interests in mind rather than Footprints just trying to make as much money off of us as possible. We'll certainly use them again if we have any other floor installations.
Amanda Oudemans 07/28/22 — google
From start to finish our project was seamless! Phillip provides customer service that is second to none which is a big deal for me. He is responsive and goes above and beyond to make sure the project is just what the customer wants. We had our main floor, red oak hardwood, sanded and restrained with a matte finish. Our original floors had a lot of ambering from the sun and the type of finish. Needless to say, our jaws hit the floor when we returned from vacation. The floors are better than I ever could have imagined. I got three other estimates and their customer service and attention to detail, along with the fair price, made it a no brainer! I’m looking forward to using them on future projects. A+++
Jeremy Carlson 07/24/22 — google
If you're on the fence, USE FOOTPRINTS FLOORS. The owner, Phillip, himself came to complete the measurement and estimate of my flooring repair. job. He made it simple and described the process without any "contractor lingo." On top of it, Phillip and his team were incredibly friendly, professional, and warm. It only took a week from the time Phillip completed the measurement to the time the job was done. The team completed it while I was away for the weekend and I trusted them to be in my condo without me present. Do yourself the favor of making your flooring repair/replacement easy and having it done right!
Nicole Karukas 06/21/22 — google
Incredible experience working with Footprint Flooring! Our new house needed the floors sanded and refinished. Philip was extremely helpful and responsive from when I first met him for the estimate and throughout the duration of the process. Bernardo performed a stellar job and even did a third coat (at no extra charge) to make our floors really perfect. Additionally, we needed one wood board replace and it was repaired. Philip and his team were extremely easy to work with. Our floors truly look phenomenal and we are so grateful! When we have future flooring needs, we would definitely use them again!
Hillary Kirk 06/17/22 — google
While I wasn’t able to go with footprint floors for my job due to logistical issues, I would wholeheartedly recommend this company to anyone looking for a flooring install. Philip was incredibly patient and responsive to my questions and concerns and made sure to go out of his way to explain the way he would get the work done
Parth Patel 05/19/22 — google
Loved my experience with Dwight at footprint flooring. Everything looks amazing
Megan Smith 04/26/22 — google
They did a great job replacing the shower pan and tile of my shower floor. It was a repair job so I provided all materials and they did an excellent job demoing and laying the new tile. Everything is water sealed and after over a month no issues to report. Phil and Leo did a great job knocking this one out. Would use again!
Jarod Sutton 02/28/22 — google
This company is by far one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Phil and Alex were awesome and were extremely helpful. The install team crushed it. My house looks amazing and I couldn’t be happier with the entire team!!! Thank you Footprints!!
Aimee Miller 02/11/22 — google
Footprint Flooring did much more than we originally contracted. I got great advice on the type of flooring, and where to secure it. Phillip, the owner, picked up and delivered the flooring promptly. After expertly installing the flooring, we had a sewage backup, and for a very small charge, Footprint returned and repaired the damage. During the entire process, Phillip was in constant contact with me to advise and update me. I felt like I was treated as a valued person and not as just another job to finish quickly and rush to the next one. This experience of remodeling a basement after a flood has been difficult and frustrating. Footprint Flooring and Phillip has been the best part of this project.
Donald Feinberg 02/10/22 — google
Footprints helped us after flooding and a sewage backup. They gave us great information and referrals to get high quality flooring at a good price. They installed the flooring on time at a reasonable price. During our remodeling Footprints was the easiest to work with.
Donald F. 02/4/22 — Thumbtack
Everyone we worked with was so helpful and flexible! I had a lot of questions to get my HOA approval and about past water damage to the floor in my kitchen and Ryan and Philip were so helpful. The crew was also fantastic and very respectful, taking their time to ensure the place was clean after the job was done. Can't recommend them enough!
Stephanie Sivak 01/29/22 — google

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Choosing Between LVT or LVP

Vinyl has been a popular flooring choice for homeowners for many decades. With the ability to mimic the appearance of nearly every flooring type, vinyl offers homeowners a chance to install their dream floor on a budget.

While traditional vinyl flooring is still one of our top services, both luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) technologies have risen in demand due to their improved function and appearance. Both LV types are very suitable to use in any room of your home; although LVT is more popular in bathrooms and kitchens.

Compared to traditional tile flooring, LVT is built to stand up to daily wear and tear and can be even more durable than traditional tile flooring. The thickness of multiple, fused layers offer durability while protective top layers are water and stain resistant. Sweeping, mopping, and gentle cleaning is all that is needed to keep LVT in tip top shape.

While LVT is great for budget conscious homeowners, Footprints Floors helps you save even more by eliminating showrooms and inventory, enabling us to pass those savings on to our happy customers. Simply choose and purchase your preferred LVT flooring and call to schedule and installation with us. Our craftsmen pay close attention to detail, ensuring you're left with the beautiful floor you envisioned when purchasing your LVT. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate for luxury vinyl tile flooring installation near you.

Read More


LVP floor installation with Footprints Floors of Northern Virginia.

Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) is a great option for those who want the appearance of hardwood flooring or stone slabs.


LVT floor installation with Footprints Floors of Northern Virginia.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is designed to look like ceramic tile and fits together in a variety of designs.

Tile Repair
In Alexandria

Tile flooring is a beautiful, timeless statement. It keeps your home cool in the summer and is an easy to clean option for kitchens and bathrooms. With unique, intricate designs, the style options for tile are endless. While tile is one of the more durable flooring options, it is still prone to damage, particularly with age. If you have scratched or cracked tiles, do not despair.

The Footprints Floors

Tile repair is often quick and simple because often only a few tiles are damaged or loose. As a homeowner, it is important to know your options. Our expert Alexandria tile installation contractors will assess the current state of your floor and help you decide on whether repair or new installation is necessary. We will never sell you on replacement unless absolutely necessary. In fact, many customers call us looking for replacement and find out that they only need repair. As your trusted Alexandria flooring contractor, our goal is to offer you a better looking floor for less. Don't waste any more time on a "Alexandria tile repair" search - Footprints Floors is your answer for tile installation, tile repair, and tile replacement services.

Tile installation repair in Alexandria.

What Tile Installation Is Like

A home remodel is an exciting project to take on. If you're looking for tile installers to update your kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere, Footprints Floors is the flooring installation company you can count on for an efficient and streamlined process.

You Choose The Tile & Grout

Choose the tile you love. With a variety of tile sizes, colors, and beautiful prints to choose from, you can let your personality shine through.

Get A Free Tiling Estimate From Us

All of Footprints Floors’ in-person estimates are completely free. We will take measurements of the room(s) that will be tiled and discuss further details of the project.

Purchase Materials

Once you’re satisfied with the estimate, go ahead and purchase the materials for your new floor. With the estimate complete, we’ll be able to tell you exactly how much tile and grout you’ll need.

Tile Installation

When we have your chosen tile and grout, we will install your new tile. Our team of expert contractors provides special care and performs the job diligently and efficiently. We can work around your schedule and provide tips on how to maintain your new tile.

Footprints Floors professional tile installation.

Want to Learn More About Tiling Installation?

One of the most effective ways to make your kitchen unique and stylish is by strategically utilizing backsplash tile. With countless colors, shapes, patterns, and textures, backsplash tile can quickly brighten up a dull kitchen or add that extra eye–catching feature to an already trendy space.

In choosing the details of your backsplash design, it’s important to consider aesthetics and functionality. Backsplash tile has different requirements than other tile projects, such as flooring. Unlike flooring, backsplash tile will not have to withstand much weight or traffic. However, kitchen backsplashes must be able to withstand the steam, smoke, and frequent cleaning that occur in this space. The Footprints Floors professionals in tile installation in Alexandria are knowledgeable on tile types and eager to help!

In many households, kitchen flooring withstands more spills and messes than any other space in the home. Cooking mistakes happen, and even the tidiest of households will create plenty of crumbs! Add children to the mix, and the sweeping and mopping in the kitchen can feel endless. Tile is an excellent option for kitchen flooring thanks to its durability, ease of cleaning, and numerous style options. From sleek and modern to cozy and classic, there are tile colors and patterns perfectly suited for any kitchen renovation project.

While home repairs are often overwhelming, nothing is more satisfying than finally fixing a piece of your house that has been broken. Working with a trained and professional team for tile repair and tile installation in Alexandria can make all the difference in creating a less stressful experience. Whether there’s a broken tile in your fireplace, your kitchen floor, your shower, or anywhere else in your home, the team at Footprints Floors is ready to help with your broken tile replacement.

Over the years, tile installation has gained a reputation as an approachable home improvement project to “DIY.” However, there are many reasons why professional tile installation should be seriously considered.

First, without a thorough knowledge of the different types of tile, grout, and sealing methods, it’s easy to end up with materials in your home that do not function as desired. Factors such as how porous a tile type is can drastically impact its performance. In addition, the materials and the time–consuming process alone often end up much more costly and inconvenient than originally expected. By hiring a trained, trustworthy team for tile installation in Alexandria, homeowners and business owners can spare themselves a lot of frustration and potential loss of investments.

Bathroom tile can make or break the style and functionality of the room. In bathrooms, there are various uses for tile and multiple locations where tile may be the best option. In addition to flooring, bathroom designs may use tile in showers, wet rooms, countertops and more.

Because of the moist environment, choosing the right tile and grout and learning how to care for it on an ongoing basis is particularly important. With the right tile selection, bathroom tile can be incredibly convenient thanks to how durable and easy to clean it is.

With the right team of professionals on your side, tile can be a convenient, long–lasting, beautiful and cost–effective flooring and design solution. However, finding trustworthy professionals may be more easily said than done. One helpful step in finding high–quality tile contractors is to ask your community for recommendations. This may involve reaching out to neighbors and friends or browsing the internet to read reviews of professionals in your area.

Conducting research online can help you get a sense of whether each service provider holds all necessary licenses. After narrowing down your options online, scheduling estimates and meetings with a few top contractors can allow you to compare prices and begin to experience the business practices of each option.

Tile installation in Alexandria.


Your Tile Installation in Alexandria Today

For all tile installation services in Alexandria, Footprints Floors is your qualified local flooring professional. Give us a call today for more information about our Alexandria tile installation services.

Many people find our site by searching "How do I find a tile installer?" and Footprints Floors is often at the top of the tile installers list. We strive to be the highest rated tile installation company in Alexandria. Footprints Floors is your trusted local flooring contractor. From repairs to installation, we offer the best services and lowest prices for the quality you receive. Covering everything from design tips (where to purchase your material) and installation to clean up, our team helps increase the value of your property with amazing new tile floors. Contact us today to request a free estimate!

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