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Floor refinishing and restoration in South Bend.

Floor Refinishing & Restoration

Top Quality Floor Refinishing & Floor Restoration in South Bend

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Refinish Your Floors

With Top Industry Professionals in South Bend

Hardwood floors are beautiful—there's nothing quite like the smooth rich-colored surface. With time, though, hardwood floors see their fair share of wear and tear. Scratched, worn, and unsightly hardwood floors are not uncommon. While they may look damaged and completely unfixable, Footprints Floors can take care of floor refinishing and floor restoration in your South Bend home, bringing your floors back to life.

It's amazing what simple sanding and fresh coats of finish can do to hardwood floors. Cracks, scratches, and other blemishes can be buffed out and polished to look brand new. A damaged floor doesn't always necessarily mean a re-installation is necessary. If you are unsure whether your floor is salvageable or not, simply give Footprints Floors a call. We can assess the state of your floor and help you determine if floor refinishing is possible, no matter the type of hardwood flooring you have.

Wood Floor Repair

During a floor refinishing service, we repair and revitalize your wood floors. If you think your wood floor is too damaged for repair, don't worry! We can probably make your floors shine like they're brand new.

If you aren't sure whether your floors are salvageable or not, our team is here to help. We can fix most of the damage you can find on wood floors. Anything too significant can be replaced, but most of the time the significant damage is confined to a small area. Our team may be able to replace just a few planks, restore the rest of the floor, and refinish the entire floor to match, saving you the cost of a complete re-installation.

Wood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floors are a timeless, aesthetic flooring option and are made to last. However, they do require an occasional refresh to maintain their classic beauty. Our wood floor refinishing service takes the old, dull finish of your wood floors and revitalizes them. We give your wood floors a brand new finish that brings out the original shine and color of your wood floors. Refinishing wood floors is a great way to invest in your South Bend home. Make your floors look brand new with a fresh refinish.

Wood floors are resilient and worth putting money into to preserve their beauty and use. Refinishing is often the first line of defense to prevent extensive and expensive damage. You may think your floor needs a complete replacement, but that may not be the case. If your hardwood floors have visible wear, light scuffs, or surface damage, it is the perfect time to refinish. We will have them looking like new and making great impressions in no time. A simple refinish is less expensive and cost-effective in preserving the integrity of your wood floors. At Footprints Floors we specialize in hardwood floor refinishing in South Bend to restore your timeless hardwood to its former glory.

Wood Floor Restoration

If the damage is deeper from moving furniture, large dogs, or years of wear, we can help! Our flooring contractors specialize in restoring heavily damaged hardwood floors in Footprints Floors, including floors that are rough, have bare/stripped wood or deep scratches and gouges. We will restore those gorgeous hardwood floors to that smooth finish and beautiful shine that you remember. Get ready to fall in love with your floors all over again.

Our floor restoration contractors in South Bend are true experts in restoring the quality and integrity of your floors. We get your hardwood floors back to the way they were when first installed or in an entirely new modernized finish! Our professional craftsmen have years of experience in restoring hardwood. Only in severe cases is a complete re-installation necessary — we will never sell you on a re-installation unless your floors are beyond repair.

We also work with antique wood floors, and we can bring back the original color and state of old wood flooring.

Great Floors & Great Impressions Are What We Are All About!

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Why Refinish or Restore?

Footprints Floors is the leading flooring contractor in South Bend and your trusted local expert in installation, repairs, floor refinishing, and floor restoration. Our hand-selected expert team has years of experience with various kinds of flooring, and we offer top-quality results. Our team is efficient and effective. We believe in top-quality service that will fit into your schedule, and we will be in and out in no time, leaving you with beautiful renewed floors each time we visit. Contact us today for a free estimate on your refinishing project.

With Footprints Floors, floor refinishing and restoration in South Bend means there's no need to spend thousands on new floors. Why get a new floor when you can restore the beautiful flooring you already have? What lies under years of scratches, dirt, cleaner, and smudges can be revealed again. Our expert flooring team can help you restore and refinish your floors so that you fall back in love with them at a fraction of the cost of new flooring.

Lower Cost

Refinishing your wood flooring is only a fraction of the cost compared to tearing out and installing new flooring altogether.


Are your floors dingy and scratched? This means your protective top coat has worn down and needs a simple refresh!

Like New

We often hear from customers that they are so glad they refinished or restored their flooring because it feels like new again!

Hardwood floor restoration in South Bend.


Your Hardwood Floor Refinishing Today!

If your floors have become warped, scratched, dingy, dented, loose, or uneven, floor refinishing and restoration are for you. Remember, this process can be dangerous for the inexperienced with the heavy machinery and refinishing products used, as well as the high amounts of dust. Misuse of the refinishing machines can also lead to irreparable gouges, holes, and scratches in your beautiful floors. Refinishing is a project best left to the professionals of Footprints Floors. We are here for you! For stress-free hardwood floor refinishing, contact us today.

We offer the highest quality services at the lowest rates possible. Our unmatched customer service and a team of expert craftsmen make your repaired, refinished or restored floors only a simple call or click away.

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What Our Customers Say

I am very impressed with their work ethic and communication. I had a strict time limit and they were able to accomplish quality work and kept to the schedule. I am very happy with my bathroom remodel and living room floors.
Alvaro Medina 09/12/23 — google
The guys were on time, ready to get to work and they not only did a quick and efficient job.
Karen Nelsen 08/11/23 — google
Ed Harris and his team was awesome they did a good job remodeling my bathroom. I would recommend them to family and friends.
dominick Harris 07/31/23 — google
Ed and his team came to do a bathroom remodel and absolutely knocked it out the park.I'm very pleased with the how it came out and the efficiency of how things were to get the bathroom done. I recommend Ed to family and friends.
Jayden Arroyo 07/31/23 — google
Ed Harris and his team are outstanding! They refinished my hardwood floor back to new. I also had new flooring installed and they are gorgeous. I will call them again and again for floors. In three months my wife plans to remodel our master bathroom, Ed and his team will do all the work. Thanks for a great Job Ed.
Matthew Weaver 07/30/23 — google
Amazing Company! Steve and his staff did an excellent job for me. Good work during install and left rooms nice and clean. Great service and communication - quicker turnaround than most of the flooring companies in the area. I definitely recommend Footprints Floors of Michiana!
Sylvia McKenna 02/5/23 — google
Amazing Company! Good work, Great service and communication quicker turnaround than most of the flooring companies in the area. Definitely will be using them on other projects.
Edwin Schneider 02/1/23 — google
Amazing Company! Good work during install and left rooms nice and clean. Great service and communication - quicker turnaround than most of the flooring companies in the area. Definitely will be using them on other projects.
Edwin Schneider 02/1/23 — google
The service was fast and professional. Steven did an excellent job and I'd hire him again.
Diana Holloway 01/31/23 — google
Amazing Company! Good work during install and left rooms nice and clean. Great service and communication - quicker turnaround than most of the flooring companies in the area. Definitely will be using them on other projects.
Carolyn Brown 01/30/23 — google
The service was fast and professional. Steven did an excellent job, and I'd hire him again.
Diana Holloway 01/29/23 — google
This company is very professional and honest from start to finish.
Mary Huss 01/29/23 — google
The service was fast and professional. Steven did an excellent job, and I'd hire him again.
James Tanner 01/26/23 — google
They do their work professionally and take decisions like experts. Their team is highly trained for customer service. I am really impressed with the Footprints Floors company!
Charles Meyer 01/26/23 — google
I love working with the Footprints Floors team - they are more like partners in our work then anything else. Highly recommend!
Aaron Shepard 01/26/23 — google
This is the place you should go for your next Flooring job :) If I could give them ten stars, I would. Wow! What an incredible service! I feel like I'm staying in a new home, and that is thanks to the Footprints Floors Team! I was a new customer, and I will most definitely be back!!!
Dana Clark 01/26/23 — google
Two thumbs up to the Footprints Floors Team. Very professional and friendly staff. Customer service is their number 1 quality. I highly recommend the Footprints Floors Team for all your Flooring needs.
Lois Strauss 01/26/23 — google
Great Job, does what it says on label AAA+++
John Nagle 01/26/23 — google
Great customer service. Took care of everything and made the process very simple.
Tami Rotter 01/26/23 — google
Great service and communication - quicker turnaround than most of the flooring companies in the area. This company is amazing! Good work during install and left rooms nice and clean. Definitely will be using them on other projects.
Ronald Ryan 01/26/23 — google

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Our Services

Even the most well-cared-for floors may need to be considered for refinishing or restoration at some point. When your beautiful floors have lasted this long, make sure they continue to look great for years to come with the professional restoration and refinishing services from Footprints Floors!

Footprints Floors offers a variety of flooring restoration / renovation services and helpful information including:

Even if you take great care of your hardwood floors, cleaning and polishing them regularly, years of wear and tear take their toll. Or, perhaps you’ve moved recently into an older home with hardwood floors that need more than just dusting and polishing. Either way - it’s time to refinish or restore your floors.

Flooring restoration is a lengthy and laborious process involving sanding, patching, staining and top coating. Besides being time-consuming, it’s easy for the average DIY-er to mess up at any point in this project, leaving your floors worse than before. Refinishing or restoring floors is more than just a weekend project, and one best left to professionals like those at Footprints Floors who will do a great job quickly.

If you have wood floors in your home that have seen better days, you may wonder: how do you fix a dull floor? There are several ways that homeowners can prevent significant damage to their floors on their own. But when your best effort still leaves your floors looking dull and worn, it's time for some professional attention. Fortunately, the experienced experts of Footprints Floors are prepared to help with virtually any flooring need. Whether you have newer floors that need refinishing, areas that need more special attention and fixing, or have antique floors with extensive damage—Footprints Floors is ready to help.

At Footprints Floors, we help give new life to your floors. Whether your floors need to be refinished or undergo a more intensive restoration Footprints Floors, we will provide you with the highest quality work at the lowest possible price. You'll save thousands and get your floors looking gorgeous again in no time!

Footprints Floors has top rated flooring refinishing and restoration services in South Bend.