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Vinyl flooring or LVP (luxury vinyl plank) have become the most popular flooring choice for homes today. This is true for new builds and flooring renovations done in older homes. There is good reason for this popularity. Although traditional flooring, with real hardwood and stone, can be desirable, the cost of this kind of flooring can be unattainable for many. Furthermore, hardwood flooring is vulnerable to scratches and damage. Repairs for these authentic materials are not as simple or again as affordable as their modern counterparts in vinyl.

On the other hand, vinyl flooring is both aesthetically appealing and financially accessible. The versatile selection of patterns and the durability of vinyl make it an option for any home with any aesthetic. This is why we see this kind of flooring in both houses, new and old. Whatever your flooring needs and desires may be, there is a vinyl floor that will satisfy both.

At Footprints Floors we specialize in the installation of vinyl and LVP flooring . If you are currently in search of vinyl floor installation in Austin, give Footprints Floors a call and request a free consultation. We only employ qualified, licensed contractors to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality flooring installation.

Why LVP or Vinyl Flooring?

Durable/Water Resistant
Variety of Patterns
Cost Effective

Vinyl or luxury vinyl flooring can be an ideal choice for any home or any room. These flooring types are durable and water resistant making them exceptional choices for bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms and entryways. The maintenance of vinyl is simple and easy. Just another attribute that makes this material a great candidate for flooring in those high traffic areas of your home.

In addition, LVP or vinyl flooring features flawless images, realistic textures and individual planks, sheets or tiles to give the look and feel of the material of your choosing. With an array of patterns and images to choose from, vinyl can achieve the appearance of real hardwood, marble, ceramic, stone, or something entirely unique! Your floors can become the statement piece you desire and at a fraction of the price when you choose vinyl.

Water resistant vinyl flooring installation services in Austin with Footprints Floors.

LVP floors installation services in Austin with Footprints Floors.

Is Vinyl Better than Linoleum?

Vinyl and linoleum have different advantages in any remodeling project. Consider your specific needs and preferences to make the best choice for your home or business. Here are a few reasons why choosing vinyl floor installation in Austin may be better for your project.

One of the main advantages of vinyl flooring is its water resistance. Luxury vinyl plank, or LVP flooring, is made from synthetic materials, which makes it impervious to water and resistant to moisture damage. This makes it an ideal choice for areas prone to spills, such as kitchens and bathrooms, or spaces like the basement that are vulnerable to flooding. In contrast, linoleum is made from natural materials such as linseed oil and cork, which can be susceptible to water damage over time. While linoleum can be sealed to help prevent water damage, it may not be as durable as vinyl in areas with high humidity or moisture.

Another advantage of vinyl flooring is its durability and resistance to wear and tear. Vinyl is made from multiple layers, including a wear layer that helps protect the surface from scratches and dents. This makes it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas such as hallways and entryways and homes with pets or children. Linoleum is also durable but may require regular maintenance, such as waxing and buffing, to maintain its appearance and prevent wear.

LVP flooring also offers a wider variety of design options than linoleum. Vinyl can mimic the look of hardwood, tile, or stone and come in a wide range of colors and patterns. If you’re looking to breathe fresh air into your space, vinyl flooring offers a diverse range of styles so you can find the perfect design choice for your home or business. On the other hand, linoleum may have more limited design options and may not be as versatile in matching different design styles.

Modern vinyl flooring has evolved over the past few years into a diverse array of styles and finishes that can fit into the style and aesthetic of most homes. It’s also a great affordable and long-lasting choice. With many homeowners choosing to remodel an older home or make improvements to their current estate, vinyl flooring can be an excellent choice to update the design of a room. Footprints Floors has trained staff to make vinyl plank flooring installation a smooth process for homeowners in Austin.

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What To Expect With Installation:

When you have hired Footprints Floors to do your flooring installation, you can count on a few things.
  • Professional skilled contractors
  • Affordable rates
  • Quality installation
  • Preparation and clean-up

We at Footprints Floors are a family-founded company. We take great pride in providing high quality work at an affordable rate. We accomplish this by employing skilled contractors capable of impeccable flooring installation. In addition, our business model of providing the labor for floor installation and leaving out the showroom maintenance, (we do not sell flooring), allows us to cut costs and share that savings with our clients. Even though we do not sell our own flooring, should you like recommendations for flooring retailers, we can provide you the contact information for those we trust. Furthermore, because of this business model, your flooring selection will not be limited by a finite inventory. You may have your pick from any vendor allowing your design possibilities to be limitless.

When you schedule an appointment with Footprints Floors for flooring installation, we will perform the demolition of your current floor, an assessment of subflooring, lay a new underlayment (if necessary), install the new vinyl flooring and clean up the entire work site. When we leave your home, you will have a beautiful new space to enjoy and admire.

Other Considerations When Choosing Vinyl:

You are now familiar with the many positive attributes of vinyl and LVP, and may be wondering if there are any other aspects that need to be considered before making your selection. We have a few pro-tips for you to keep in mind.

Vinyl Quality Can Vary

While vinyl floors can be an affordable option, you do want to take care when selecting your vinyl product. Not all vinyl or LVP floors are made with the same quality standards. If in doubt feel free to ask our expert opinion on selecting a high quality product.

Vinyl Floors can be Difficult to Remove

Depending on the method of installation for the vinyl floors, removal can be labor intensive. Fortunately, you can call us to assist in any repairs, or floor removal and installation needs. We will take the stress of labor intensive work off your hands and guarantee a quality job.

Caring for LVP Flooring

Vinyl and LVP floors are durable and will last for years to come. However, after many years of wear vinyl flooring can develop a buildup of dirt and grime leaving the surface with a dull appearance. Fortunately, there is a good solution for this problem, and we at Footprints Floors are here to help.

The experts at Footprints Floors can have your vinyl floor looking brand new in no time. We will buff and polish your floor or complete a full stripping and restoration depending on the severity of damage to your vinyl flooring.

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Hardwood floors installation services with Footprints Floors.
Myths and Misconceptions:
Vinyl Flooring Durability

Modern vinyl flooring has evolved over the past few years into a diverse array of styles and finishes that can fit into the style and aesthetic of most homes. It’s also a great affordable and long-lasting choice. (LINK to Vinyl Flooring Durability cluster topic) With many homeowners choosing to remodel an older home or make improvements to their current estate, vinyl flooring can be an excellent choice to update the design of a room. Footprints Floors has trained staff to make vinyl plank flooring installation a smooth process for homeowners in Austin.

Will the top image fade?

No, the top image will not fade. The image embossed on the vinyl is sealed with a highly durable, clear coat to ensure the flooring looks beautiful for years.

Vinyl flooring is toxic

Many worry that these floors may be toxic. It is true that older vinyl floors were made with more questionable materials. However, today the industry is required to follow strict guidelines set by the EPA to ensure vinyl products are safe for inside the home.

Vinyl and laminate are the same

These two floor types may appear to be similar. In fact, they are both composed of entirely different materials. These different materials produce different characteristics in the flooring. A vinyl floor will be both more flexible and more water resistant than that of a laminate floor.

Footprints Floors LVP and Vinyl Floor Installation in Austin

At Footprints Floors we help keep costs low! With no showrooms to maintain or products to sell, we can focus on you and provide the best craftsmanship for every home. Our master craftsmen expertly install vinyl floors while paying attention to every detail for a stunning look that lasts. Our prices and flooring services are unmatched. So search no further for vinyl floor installation in Austin and let our team take it from here!

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What Our Customers Say

Kris was great to work with and extremely helpful in explaining everything that was going to be done. Sean did a fantastic job with the installation, was on time, and very friendly. Thanks for making the process so easy!
Katherine Care 08/20/23 — google
I had been living with some worn-down carpeting on my entry stairs for years and finally decided to replace it with wood-look vinyl flooring to prepare my home for sale. Kris came out quickly to give me a quote and let me know how much to order from a supplier—the total materials and installation cost ended up being significantly more affordable than a quote I got from another company! Once the materials came in, it was quick to get on the schedule for installation, and the workers were prompt and quick to get it done. There was a small hiccup with not ordering quite enough material because of the weird shape of the landing stairs at the top, but we were able to order more and schedule guys to come back to finish that within a week. The stairs look and feel great with LVP! Don’t hesitate to reach out to Footprints Floors for your next project.
E K 08/18/23 — google
Kris and Shawn were both amazing throughout the process of redoing our shower floors to a stone pebble tile finish, and a new kitchen backsplash. Incredible attention to detail, care around other finishes, and general kindness when working through the job. 10/10 would recommend.
Ben Serbiak 08/10/23 — google
Can't say enough about how good our experience was. Chris was professional and responsive. Intaller Sean has mastered his profession. I'm particular and his work is top notch. We ran out of tile and he came back to install the last four pieces. I will never lay tile myself again.
Tim Evans 07/4/23 — google
Installed new tile on pool fountain. It was a pleasure dealing with Kris, knowledgeable & highly professional. Sean did a fantastic job on the tile. He had several suggestions that improved the project. Sean even came back on Saturday morning to finish the work, after having to stop early on Friday afternoon due to a thunder & rain storm. I plan to use Footprints Flooring on a second project in the near future.
Eric Wilson 06/14/23 — google
Kris was very knowledgeable and helpful when coming out to give us our estimate. His team lead by Oscar was amazing great communicators, professional, polite, and did great work. I recommend Footprints.
csaum 06/6/23 — google
Great Job! Hired them to install laminate floors in one bedroom and it is seemless. Looks as if the original home builder had done it themselves. Great management and employees!
William Anderson 06/5/23 — google
I had Kris and his crew install some floating flooring while I was preparing my home for sale. They showed up on time and worked efficiently to get the job completed. My one dig would be that they chose to glue down the transition trim rather than use the tracks that come with it. I don't have a problem with the gluing down, but they were kinda' sloppy about it. I spent some very precious time cleaning up the excess glue, when I spoke with Kris he was very receptive to the feedback and said he would address the issue with his crew. A few days later a springy spot appeared, and another a few days after that. Kris was very consistent in taking my calls, listening to my complaints, and taking steps to correct them. Ultimately, Kris took very good care of me and saw the job through the difficulties to a very satisfactory conclusion. I would definitely hire them again in the future.
Steven Holloway 05/22/23 — google
Professional, cooperative, responsive & great attitude
Fr. Benjamin Abouelkheir 04/18/23 — google
Effortless to give these guys 5 stars. Communication was top notch, as was the details in the corners. No brainer to use these guys again. Recommending them to everyone I know.
__ 04/3/23 — google
Footprints removed my carpets and installed my vinyl floor seamlessly aligning it with existing vinyl flooring in the attached kitchen area. Thanks for a great installation job!
Charlene Baskerville 03/24/23 — google
We used Footprints Floors to replace some sections of tile that were hollow and cracked after a bad installation (original install not done by Footprints). They were thorough, professional, and responsive, and the finished product is perfect. Highly recommend.
Tanya Streit 03/13/23 — google
Kris and his team were great to work with. The communication was top notch and the craftsmanship was excellent. The install crew was very respectful to my home. And I feel like the cost was very reasonable for what we got. They installed my LVP and baseboards. I would easily call them back for other work and recommend to others.
Dan 03/12/23 — google
The did an amazing job!! Ordered wood and they managed to complete the job really quick at a very affordable price. Shopped around for 2 months before deciding and super happy I chose them
Deivit Salazar 03/3/23 — google
We hired Footprint Floors to replace our engineered wood floors with composite. Our previous floor was installed only 4 years ago by previous owner, but the quality of the installation was so poor the flooring had multiple issues. Khris, the owner was extremely responsive from the first moment until the the project was finished. He explained the whole process, answered our questions and promptly provided us a quote. Previous companies I tried to get a quote from didn’t even show up. Footprint Floors are not the cheapest but the quality of their work and their trustworthiness is definitely worth the money. They started the job when they promised and fixed all the issues that were discovered (uneven subfloor). Mario our floor guy was very polite and always made sure to ask our opinion about any small detail or decision and explain issues he found. I would highly recommend working with them. We are already planning to bring them back for another small project we have.
Tímea Fekete-Zán 03/2/23 — google
Customer service and workmanship are unmatched, comparing to any large project I have done in the past. We had a BIG job. Our wood floor buckled throughout 2 weeks after we thought a leak was resolved. The surprise was that the prior owner of the house did not like their original wood floor so they laid another on top of it creating double demo work. We decided to move forward with wood inspired tile. The outcome is gorgeous. Every piece was laid perfectly. Communication and responsiveness were quick and professional . I highly recommend Kris and Foot prints Flooring team for any floor installation.
P. Galbraith 02/14/23 — google
Hi, I had 8 Travertine tiles replaced in my kitchen. I had original tiles for replacement. I did some grout prep work. The tiles were removed and replaced in 4 hours. I'm very satisfied. Thanks!
Joseph Aaron 02/14/23 — google
Kris and his crew did a great job repairing our floors. Would definitely use them again!
jill bradshaw 02/14/23 — google
Footprints was great to work with for my flooring project. I'm a new home owner and this is the first time I initiated a project like this. The guys at Footprints made it super easy. They walked me through the process, pointed out things I hadn't thought about, and were super responsive. They even hooked me up with the right people to find the exact tile I needed to match another room in my house. When it came to the actual job, the installation team was courteous, fast, clean and didn't make a big scene (I work from home so that was nice). I will definitely work with Footprints again in the future.
Miles Gilbert 11/16/22 — google
I just had Footprints Floors install tile in my living room & absolutely love how it came out! Kris did a great job explaining what to expect & how to prepare the space. The installation team was fast, clean, respectful of my home, and did quality work. I definitely recommend them!
Kelly Boganwright 11/10/22 — google

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Footprints Floors LVP and vinyl floor installation with Footprints Floors Austin.


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At Footprints Floors we help keep costs low! With no showrooms to maintain or products to sell, we can focus on you and provide the best craftsmanship for every home. Our master craftsmen expertly install vinyl floors while paying attention to every detail for a stunning look that lasts. Our prices and flooring services are unmatched. So search no further for vinyl floor installation and let our team take it from here!