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Need Flooring Removal Without the Mess?

Look no Further than Footprints Floors

When it’s time to update your flooring, it can be difficult to sift through the various details required to remove your old floors and install your new, stylish floors. Unfortunately, one aspect that many do not consider is the mess and dust that can be left behind during the process of flooring removal.

Whether you’re removing tile, wood, vinyl, or adhesive flooring, it’s crucial to understand the potential impacts of the pounds of dust created by traditional flooring removal. This dust can cause health and safety issues as well as tedious messes that you may be stuck cleaning up. Plus, without the right approach to floor removal, your concrete slabs won’t be prepared for the new flooring you’ve selected.

You need a floor removal solution that’s better for your health, your home, and the future of your floors. That’s why Footprints Floors offers dustless demo services in Frisco. Learn how and why Footprints Floors prioritizes clean, dust containment floor removal.

Prepare Your Concrete for New Flooring

Some flooring removal methods leave excess dust in their wake. On top of resulting in an inconvenient and unhealthy mess, this layer of dust means your concrete slab is not prepared for the installation of new flooring.

The best tools in the industry allow Footprints Floors to reduce dust as flooring is removed, preparing your concrete for the next flooring phase. Get ready for stunning new floors, done the right way!

Prepare you home for new floor with dustless demo services in Frisco.

Prevent Dust-Related Health Problems

When tile, wood, or vinyl flooring is removed, traditional methods can create multiple pounds of dust. That dust can infiltrate the air you breathe within your home. Studies have found that breathing in these dust particles can cause harm to your overall health and even be fatal.

Silica is found in the dust from flooring, and exposure to it for long periods of time can result in serious diseases like:

Kidney Disease

Silicosis Disease

Lung Cancer

Pulmonary Disease

Preventing these serious health problems can start with dust containment demo services in Frisco from Footprints Floors.

Dustless Demo Services near you in Frisco -  Footprints Floors.
Save Extra Work and Budget

Once a traditional floor removal is complete, many people are still left with a large job ahead of them: cleaning up the pounds and pounds of harmful dust left behind. This can cause a strain on time and budget, since you’ll have to either clean up all of the dust yourself or hire a professional service to get rid of the dust for you.

Additionally, dust containment floor removal methods are often even more affordable than traditional methods due to the cutting-edge equipment and more efficient, quicker completion of your project.

Great Floors & Great Impressions Are What We Are All About!

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Save time and money with dustless services me Frisco -  Footprints Floors.


Your Dustless Demo Services in Frisco From Footprints Floors Today!

Opting for Dustless Demo not only frees up your time and budget, but also protects the health of you, your family and visitors to your household. With efficient technology and cutting-edge methods, Footprints Floors is ready to provide excellent service on your floor removal job.

Footprints Floors prioritizes customer service and leverages only the best in dustless floor removal devices. Our dust-free process begins with dust containment systems like plastic sheeting, floor protection film, and more to reduce the spread of dust from the work area.

Then, we leverage dust extractors with HEPA certified filters to remove as much harmful dust as possible before it enters the air in your home. In addition, our air scrubbers and negative air machines are equipped to filter out any dust and debris that does reach the air in your home. This thorough approach ensures that the process of removing your flooring does not negatively impact the cleanliness of your home or the quality of your air. Plus, our methods leave your concrete smooth and ready for your brand new flooring choice!

Footprints Floors is dedicated to providing superior service for all of your flooring needs. We cannot guarantee 100% dust-free demolition. Schedule your free estimate today!

What Our Customers Say

Excellent company who did an excellent job on my bathroom shower & floor remodel! Alan was easy to work with, very fair & ethical, and his installer was awesome. I 100% recommend Footprints!
Stacie Dugas 03/2/24 — google
Alan and Brice were extremely knowledgable, professional and pleasant to work with, and were always very responsive and happy to work with us to address our needs during the entire project. Our floors were water damaged. A portion of the floors had to be removed and replaced, and the entire hardwood area had to be sanded, stained and sealed to ensure color consistency (about 2,000 square feet of hardwoods) and you’d never know where the new floor intersects with the existing floor. Would highly recommend Footorints Flooring. A few photos are attached.
Angela Thiele 03/1/24 — google
Alan and his crew manager Brice helped us replaced our 20 year old floor, we had a great overall experience. The initial estimate and follow up process with Alan was smooth and informative, he helped us choose the right product that best suit our need and gave us some excellent suggestions from a professional's perspective. Brice made sure the crew are up to quality and speed everyday and I can't speak good enough of him. There was some hiccups with one of the crew members but so is everything in life - not perfect. I would recommend them for you flooring needs.
Lidongfang Guo 02/17/24 — google
This is my second time using the company and nothing short of amazing. Highly recommended
Delicia Fields 02/6/24 — google
Brice was very helpful and did excellent work! Our floors turned out perfect!
joel Witcher 01/22/24 — google
Very professional and quality work. Joaquin did an amazing job and the team including Brice and Nathan and Alan were great. Very prompt to reply and fast and dependable.
Houda El-Jarrah 01/13/24 — google
Footprints Floors was great! They were quick and easy to work with! Love the end product!
Christina Freeze 01/8/24 — google
I worked with Alan, and he was one of the most professional people I’ve ever worked with. He was attentive, communicated throughout the project, and even came to personally oversee the project on a Saturday. And the work was spot-on. Highly recommended!
Greg Tucker 01/7/24 — google
I worked with Alan, and he was one of the most professional people I’ve ever worked with. He was attentive, communicated throughout the project, and even came to personally oversee the project on a Saturday. And the work was spot-on. Highly recommended!
Greg Tucker 01/7/24 — facebook
Fabulous work from a professional and efficient team! We are elated with the quality of work, professionalism and beautiful work the team did. We highly recommend Footprints Floors for all your renovation and tiling needs!
Kathleen Reiter 01/2/24 — google
It was a pleasure to work with such a professional group. Everything went as promised, on time and on budget! Great people!
Gary Welch 12/22/23 — google
Alan did a great job explaining in detail the issues with my floor, how to address them and what options are available. Extremely knowledgeable!! Thank you Alan!
Archie Reddy 12/20/23 — google
Brice and his crew did an excellent job installing flooring throughout our house. Brice was prompt and was in contact every step of the way. I couldn’t be happier with the work they’ve done. Highly recommend this group.
Sean 12/16/23 — google
Footprints Floors did a wonderful job with our new tile floors. From the very beginning Alan was so responsive and professional and I was very impressed. A detailed estimate was presented in writing and every change was documented and signed off on. The crew that installed the tile was so good. Not only were they skilled, they showed up every day on time and worked hard all day. Brice was a great project manager and checked on the progress every day. I would highly recommend Footprints Floors for your flooring needs!
Valerie Studer 12/1/23 — google
Excellent work and i am super pleased with the result. Outstanding project management from Brice, who gave me lots of great advice. Fantastic execution from the team, competent, respectful and professional. Not to mention a good commercial offer as well ! I warmly recommend Footprint Floors!
Frederic Cohen 11/17/23 — google
Just had my LVP floors installed with Footprints and very happy. Alan has a great crew.
Brian Schoen 11/14/23 — google
Replaced some hardwood planks that had water damage. Great work!
Allen Pack 11/3/23 — google
Karey Gleason 11/1/23 — google
Footprints floors has been one of the best companies we’ve worked with in home design/construction. We’ve worked with them twice for two separate projects on two separate homes. Both times they exceeded our expectations with their level of service and communication. Alan, the owner, met with us at the beginning to talk through our project this last round. Alan has always made us feel assured that our project will go smoothly while also giving us his honest opinion about the timeframe and any hiccups we might run into along the way. For the oversight of our project we worked with Brice, who gave us updates about the work just about every day and made sure the project finished on time. He and the crew were punctual and the project finished before we expected. We are extremely pleased with our floors and highly recommend this company to our friends and neighbors!
Grace Griffith 10/24/23 — google
Job: Bathroom floor retile Alan came on time to quote the job and was able to send a crew a few days later. The project manager Brice came to verify the crew and materials. The guys worked hard all day, removing the old tiles and installing the new tiles. The job was done perfectly in one day and looks great. Brice came back to check the completed project and pick up a check.
Susan Hearst 10/23/23 — google

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