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Antique Hardwood Flooring Restoration in Worcester County

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Hardwood floors are a classic, timeless style in any home. Not only do they look beautiful, but they are low maintenance, easy to clean, long lasting and durable. When choosing to install flooring, hardwood is typically a solid choice that comes with many benefits.

Trusted Antique Hardwood Floor Restoration
From Footprints Floors

If you're moving into a home with older hardwood floors, you may find some scratches or wear on them that you want to fix. Even though this natural patina can have a beautiful look, it's still important to keep your hardwood looking good and well-maintained. A great way to do so is through floor refinishing.

Antique hardwood floor refinishing near you in Worcester County doesn't have to be difficult. Although you can do it yourself, hiring professional restoration experts from Footprints Floors is a great way to ensure your timeless floors are taken care of and restored to their original glory.

Old wood flooring restoration in Worcester County.

Benefits Of Restoring Hardwood Floors

Over time, hardwood floors can tarnish and show their age. Replacing hardwood floors can be expensive, and your antique floors can become worth a lot if you take care of them. In that case, refinishing may be a better alternative to replacing your hardwood altogether.


Even if you hire professionals like Footprints Floors, refinishing hardwood floors typically ends up costing quite a bit less than installing new hardwood.

Increased Home Value

Solid wood floors are greatly appealing to potential buyers, and taking care of your floors with antique floor refinishing near you is a great way to preserve and add value to your home.

Increased Safety

Damaged floors aren't just an eyesore, they can also bring some big safety concerns. Splinters in the feet, for example, aren't comfortable and could get infected. Antique floors can also be uneven, which may lead to tripping or falls.

Ward Off Pests

Did you know the craters, small holes and crevices that can appear in hardwood floors are a bug's best friend? Termites, ants and decay can wreak havoc on your floors, but regularly refinishing them can seal off bugs and other issues.

Antique flooring refinishing near you in Worcester County - Footprints Floors.
Should I Replace or Refinish
My Hardwood Flooring?

When considering an antique hardwood flooring restoration, you may wonder if it's worth the hassle or just better to replace them with new floors altogether.

The decision is ultimately yours, and you can't really go wrong with either choice. Refinishing your floors, however, doesn't have to be the messy process many make it out to be. It also can be a more budget friendly option for those looking to give their existing flooring a sparking new finish.

What To Consider Before Restoring Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floor restoration can be a great way to elevate the look of your home. However, it shouldn't be attempted or done without adequate research and consideration. If you're thinking about going this route, consider the following factors:


Refinishing your hardwood floors isn't a one-day project. After sanding your floors, you will also need to seal them. This sealer will need to be set for at least 24 hours before it's safe to put furniture back into the room. You might not be able to complete it in a day, but refinishing your floors is a doable weekend project if you plan it right.


A professional grade sander will be needed for your refinishing project. It's probably not an item you'll want to buy just for a one-time use. Many hardware stores rent these out, or you can contact professionals like those at Footprints Floors to do all the work and have the equipment you need.


The cost of refinishing hardwood is dependent on a few factors, including the size of the room and sealer needed. For the average cost of a wood floor to be refinished by professionals, it's always best to get a quote to better understand your project.

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Old floor restoration in Worcester County - Footprints Floors.


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Well-maintained and polished hardwood floors are a stunning feature in any home. The floors of the home also see the most wear, so it's natural for hardwood to start to show scuffs and wear over time. This doesn't mean you need to shell out a fortune to replace them, though. Most hardwood floors can be restored for a fraction of the cost—and look even better than before!

If you've been researching hardwood flooring restoration in Worcester County, Footprints Floors provides all the refinishing surfaces you need to make that hardwood shine again! From setup to cleanup, we'll take care of the entire process so you don't have to handle the hassle of having to rent or buy special equipment.

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Completed job professionally.
Chris Petrie 08/16/23 — google
Sean and his team did a great work installing hardwood floor for us. Sean is very responsive and professional and goes beyond his way to help us. Thanks so much Sean!!!
Y T 08/2/23 — google
Very happy with Footprints! Sean is great.
Marie O'Brien 07/20/23 — google
Sean and his sand and finish team at Footprints Flooring completed two rooms of hard wood flooring in less than two days. The results and their performance were excellent. I Highly recommend them!
douglas Shaw 07/11/23 — google
Reasonably priced and great quality work.
Michael James 05/2/23 — google
Footprint Floors is a great company to hire. Sean is very skilled, professional, friendly, and above all a great communicator. He kept us in the loop through out the entire project. The finished project was done timely as expected to our full satisfaction. We ended up calling on him for another project. We highly recommend this company.
Mehran Nesari 04/24/23 — google
Floor repair is fantastic, refinish is beautiful. Sean and his crew were professional from quote to clean up. A please to work with!
linda hollingdale 03/25/23 — google
Sean is an ultimate Professional! His communication is outstanding and I had quite a few questions. His crew was extremely friendly and efficient. They took out carpeting, put down underlayment and installed 750 square feet of vinyl flooring in one day! Just hired them for another project!!
Robert San Juan 03/19/23 — google
Used Footprints Floors to install floors in a large commercial space. Team showed up on time, respectful guys, knowlegable management, quality job. Couldn't be happier. Would highly recommend.
Lexel Moving 02/16/23 — google
Excellent company. Very responsive to my request for service. Suggested how to proceed , offered a reasonable price, and timely fashion to get the job completed. Showed up on time and completed the job in one day. They communicated before, during, and after completion. Would highly recommend.
Bob Plante 02/7/23 — google
Sean and his team were great! Skilled, prompt, careful, and friendly they showed up on time and did wonderful work. We are very happy and satisfied with the job they did for us. We intend to bring them back for another project we have planned.
Carrie Brown 01/22/23 — google
Sean and his team are fantastic. They responded to my request for an estimate right away, showed up on time for that estimate, and it continued from there. I'd highly recommend Footprints Floors to my friends and family, and anyone in the market for updating their property. Not to mention his estimate (time and knowledge) was free! Thanks again Footprints!
Brian K. 12/31/69 — Thumbtack
Sean was fast to respond to my questions and very knowledgable, I high recommend giving him a call
Alan B. 12/31/69 — Thumbtack
Very responsive not only when we were looking to have the job done, but when we had questions during the project. Great company.
Jeffrey D. 12/31/69 — Thumbtack
Footprints Floors did such a great job, I highly recommend Sean and his team! They had the best price, finished on time, and had great communication through the whole process. Five stars!
Matt G. 12/31/69 — Thumbtack
These guys are awesome. Great at communication and do quality work.
Kevin M. 12/31/69 — Thumbtack

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