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Footprints Floors of Columbus
Frequenty Asked Questions

Be sure to check out our FAQ for important information and details about our process and your project. If you don’t see your question, please contact us! We are here to help.

A 50% deposit is due before work commences and final payment is due upon completion of work.

We accept Checks, Cash, ZELLE, Credit Cards also accepted (convenience fee applies). Please ask us about financing options if you are interested.

Customers are agreeing to full scope of work and price at time of signed contract. Requests for reductions in scope of work is the responsibility of the customer in writing at least 7 days prior to the start of the project and may or may not result in a project price reduction at the discretion of FF.

Discounts are based on full scope of work at time of signed contract, any reduction in scope may reduce or remove some or all of applied discount. Unless specifically noted discounts are not applied toward individual items.

We love our pets (and yours) but for everyone’s safety including theirs please make sure your pets are secured outside of the working area(s) before work begins and throughout the project. We can’t guarantee that doors will remain closed during your project.

In most cases YES, As a default we include a line item in your estimate for a Dumpster or Haul Away and we will make sure your waste materials are taken away. In some cases customers choose to handle waste removal on their own there will not be a Dumpster or Haul Away line item listed in these cases.

We are primarily there to install and/or refinish your floors. Unless furniture moving is noted as a line item within the estimate the customer is responsible for having their space ready for the project. This includes moving personal items, furniture, etc. In cases where we do move your furniture the customer is responsible for removing personal belongings, breakables, electronics, sentimental & heirloom items etc. We recommend using professional movers whenever possible. PROFESSIONAL Services available:

Footprints Floors (FF) will bring or arrange for any materials we are supplying. For many of our projects customers are purchasing / supplying their own materials. Most places customers purchase their project materials from offer delivery. Our time usually best serves our customers by completing installations and moving through our schedule as quickly as possible and we don’t specialize in delivery service. Therefore customers are responsible and assume liability to have materials on site and follow any manufacturer / industry guidelines regarding acclimation. No items especially liquids (adhesives, moisture barrier etc.) should be stored in temperatures near or below freezing. No Delivery of customer purchased and/or supplied items is included unless specified as a line item within the estimate. If you have a question, concern, or issue getting your materials to your work site please contact us and we’ll work with you to find a solution.

Materials style, Quantity, and Shopping list recommendations: Customers are responsible for qty and materials purchased regardless of any recommendations of style and quantity. We want to help please ask us if you have questions about quantities or types of materials to purchase.

We have much of the equipment needed for projects in this industry. As needed per project if additional specialized equipment such as but not limited to; concrete grinders, generators, mixers, rollers, etc may be rented / supplied at the cost of rental + 15%.

Yes, we accept all major credit cards. Credit card payments subject to a convenience fee. We also reserve the right to limit credit card payments to a $3,000 maximum per project.

Project start dates and Project lengths are an estimate not guarantee of start/completion. Project length does not include any repairs, touch-ups or warranty.

Tear out of existing floors, showers, backsplashes, etc and other demolition needed to support your project (especially tile demo) may result in additional drywall / paint repair required by customer after project completion especially at windows frames at edge of tile walls (fireplaces and showers) (Demo may take a significant amount of the project time.)

Baseboards, quarter round, stair stringers, & painted risers, may require some touch up paint by homeowner following new installations and refinishes.

Even though we use dust mitigation systems, there will be a light layer of dust that customer will need to clean up when we are done. Most customers don’t find it necessary to bring in professional cleaners.

Baseboards, quarter round, stair stringers, & painted risers, etc may require some touch up / paint by homeowner following new installations and refinishes.

In most cases yes, we will advise you if we have recommendations concerning your material choices. Sometimes use of specific materials that hasn’t been previously discussed may increase your charges because of added time or difficulty. Using Epoxy Grout vs traditional if not previously noted as an example.

Equipment for Sanding floors requires access to 220V electric outlet such as used for an electric range or electric dryer. Customer is responsible to provide availability, if necessary a licensed electrician or portable generator may be needed / provided at an additional expense to customer.

We always offer color samples of one or various colors on the floor to be finished when doing refinish or site finished floors to help you make the best decision. You will have a chance to see the color as it appears on your floor. [Marbling / Blotchiness - Some wood species accept stain less readily and consistently which can lead to "marbling" or blotchy appearance. It can be a physical property of the wood species itself especially non oak species (such as maple, cherry, pine, hickory etc.), whereby it does not evenly accept stain or colorant.]

Maybe, we do our best to give you a competitive inclusive estimate. While it doesn’t happen all the time some things can occur during a project to increase the costs vs your estimate. Adding areas or requesting additional work to be performed may increase the costs. There also may be other reasons costs increase, for instance some things may be “hidden” ex. subfloor conditions cannot be fully evaluated until the old flooring is removed. It is not uncommon for subfloors to require leveling and/or remediation work prior to new floor installation. Any necessary remediation or subfloor work is not included in this proposal and may require additional work. If needed additional work and costs will be handled by a change order to the original scope of work.

There is no set time for your estimate price to expire but some discounts and pricing may be time sensitive. If it has been a while since you had your estimate changes in the market and other costs may require a pricing adjustment (Although every effort is made to insure complete and accurate estimates Footprints Floors reserves the right to update, change, and/or refund deposits on estimates that are incomplete or inaccurate based on the project requirements.)

In many cases yes (if you want us to). Footprints Floors (FF) may provide the service to remove and reset / reconnect sinks and toilets & disconnect / reconnect water lines to appliances but we are not licensed plumbers, customers agree to hold FF harmless for related issues and may choose to perform these functions themselves OR hire a licensed plumber for these services at their expense.

DISHWASHERS: In many cases flooring does not extend under dishwashers. FF will remove existing and install new flooring to the dishwasher skirting. FF will install new flooring under dishwasher space if desired only if dishwasher is removed prior to project. Dishwashers require electrical and plumbing hookups. Customer responsible to disconnect / reconnect & remove and return

GAS APPLIANCES: FF will not disconnect or reconnect gas appliances

Customer should understand that replacing thicker flooring than that being installed will leave gaps at door jamb undercuts and possible cabinets when replaced by thinner flooring. Areas of floor baseboard gaps are likely to be covered by shoe molding. Customer will be responsible to address gapping.

In cases were floor vents, quarter round or shoe molding, or baseboards being installed are unavailable and/or not installed by FF, FF can not be responsible for ill fitting vents / visibility of small portion expansion gaps etc.

Flooring comes in many styles and heights, your space may have additional unique situations. Different manufacturers make transitions (peices made to go between between different floor types & heights) differently, especially reducers, reducers may fit differently or not at all between different flooring types, sometimes an aftermarket transition may fit best / be the best aesthetic choice. While FF can/may make suggestions the customer is ultimately responsible for selecting most appropriate / best fitting and looking transition.

Not usually however additional trips necessary due to customer supplied material shortage, lack of access, or other customer oversight subject to $125 trip charge + $50/hr per person (1hr min). Rescheduling on short notice may be subject to additional charges.

Never drag heavy furniture across your new floor, always make sure to lift and carefully set furniture in place. Use sticky felt pads under all furniture, especially on dining room or kitchen table and chairs. If you need to roll out your refrigerator, use a thin piece of plywood called masonite board. This can be found at many of the local big box stores like Lowes or The Home Depot.

We recommend that you dry mop your floors once a week once the curing has finished. As needed we recommend using a cleaner formulated for wood floors (not polish). Don't use any wax or oil based products like Orange glow, old English, Murphy's oil, etc. These products leave a milky film build up on your floor, and it will never evaporate or dissipate from your floor.

Here is a link we found to a variety of cleaners made for wood flooring you may choose to try We haven't personally used these but it looks like a good list however we would not recommend the last item, Murphy's Oil Soap. Keep in mind the two main. things you're looking for; Formulated for wood floors / leaves no residue.

What Our Customers Say

Had a great experience with Footprint Floors! Had measurements taken by Lori which included everything that we would need for the install. Alberto and his crew worked cleanly and efficiently to install our new floors. Everything looks great! Would not hesitate to use them again!
Michael Chua 06/21/24 — google
Very nice crew, quick and efficient. Great job!
Rodney Burton 06/20/24 — google
It’s a great job 👏 I love it and crew was quick Clint worked hard to get material to completion 🙏
Connie Wehrle 05/18/24 — google
The footprints crew arrived bright and early on a Wednesday morning and efficiently set up equipment, supplies, and began their work. Within 2 days, the team, managed by Clint, were done leaving beautiful refinished floors in our 1954 home. Original floors were given new life! I give 👍👍 to the team! Thanks!
Martha Prior Ryan 05/6/24 — google
Footprints Floors did a great job! They were prompt and communicated everything super well. Nearly everything was done in one day, which was amazing. The work was done well to, which was most important. They also came out within the same week to make a few alterations that were needed and made it a point to make sure we were incredibly happy. We made the right decision using this company.
Brandon Ashwood 05/3/24 — google
Wonderful experience working with Footprints Floors of Columbus. From quiet to completion everything was professionally and courteously handled. I love the new backsplash they installed in my kitchen and highly recommend them. Will definitely keep them in mind for fiture products.
Jennifer Troy 04/25/24 — google
Had a great experience! Lori Ruggs was amazing! Very detailed and explained the process from start to finish. Clint and the install crew delivered on everything they had promised. I highly recommend this company for all of your flooring needs. They are without a doubt the best!
Jerry Lawarre 04/24/24 — google
Lori and Clint were so easy to work with. They did a great job. I love our floors!
Elizabeth Rosenberg 04/16/24 — google
Footprints installed LVP on my entire first floor. The whole process went so well from the salesperson, Lori, to the owner, Clint, making sure everything was done to our satisfaction.
Amy Martin 04/12/24 — google
The crew are really nice and they have done my job in time and I am very happy with them. Strongly recommend them for floor replacement projects.
Shangbin Yang 04/11/24 — google
Fast, clean, professional. Spectacular results!
Michael Waltz 03/21/24 — google
Great work and price and great people to work with. We love our new bathroom floor!
Rick Weber 01/29/24 — google
Great customer service and exceptional work! Highly recommended going with this company for your contracting needs.
Alexis 12/15/23 — google
The team was great. Very communicative before and during the work. They arrived promptly and got the work done quickly and with great craftsmanship. We even had a small issue we noticed the next day and they return quickly and fixed it. I would recommend them to anyone. They are great.
Joshua Boone 10/24/23 — google
We are so very happy with not only our new sanded wood floors, kitchen, dining room and den, but also how easy it was to communicate with the company, which is family owned. The owner, Justin was always available to answer any questions we had, even during weekends. He also showed up every day as the job was being done. The workers were very professional. They showed up every morning exactly at 8am and started directly working. Everything was covered from windows to cabinets. And at the end of the project which took only 3 days the workers actually dusted everything. Cannot say enough good things about this company.
Eva Hignite 09/28/23 — google
The crew that did our floor was friendly, on time and clean. The quality of their work was outstanding.
Becky Gegas 09/28/23 — google
I recently had the pleasure of working with Footprints Floors for a hardwood floor installation in my home, and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. From start to finish, their professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to quality were truly exceptional. The process began with a comprehensive consultation where their team listened carefully to my preferences and provided valuable insights to help me make the best choices for my space. They were patient and knowledgeable, guiding me through various wood species, finishes, and design options until we felt confident in our decision. Once the project began, the Footprints Floors team arrived promptly and ready to work. I was impressed by their efficiency and the precision with which they handled every aspect of the installation. They took great care to prepare the subfloor properly, ensuring a flawless foundation for my new hardwood floors. Throughout the installation, the team maintained a clean and organized workspace, and they were respectful of my home. They also kept me informed about their progress, ensuring that I was always up to date on the status of the project. The final result exceeded my expectations. My hardwood floors are not only stunning but also feel incredibly solid and durable. In addition to their exceptional work, I was pleasantly surprised by their transparent pricing and commitment to staying within budget. There were no hidden costs or surprises along the way, which made the entire experience even more enjoyable. I wholeheartedly recommend Footprints Floors to anyone in need of hardwood floor installation. Their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to customer satisfaction are truly unmatched. Thanks to Footprints Floors, we now have beautiful hardwood floor in my wife's office. Thank you, Footprints Floors, for a job well done!
Shane Blotter 09/27/23 — google
Had our hardwood floors refinished by Footprint Floors and they turned out great. They look brand new and really changed the appearance of our home.
YuSean Cornelius 09/24/23 — google
Great experience overall! They did a great work on the LVP installation and they communicated with us to sort out any issues during the process.
PRIME CUT 07/29/23 — google
My Husband and I had Footprints Floors install vinyl plank flooring in our 3 season room and they exceeded our expectations . We had a great experience from Keith who gave us the estimate , Clint the owner who contacted us and set up our appointment, and their amazing crew . Their prices are very reasonable and I would recommend them to anyone looking to have flooring installed .
Jessica H 07/29/23 — google

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