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Stone Flooring

Premier Columbus Stone Installation From Top Industry Professionals

Stone flooring is a natural material that can add elegance and sophistication to your home. However, it is also tough to install correctly because of the many variables involved in laying stone floors.

When choosing a stone for your floor, knowing what you're getting into when installing the product yourself is essential. Stone floors have varying degrees of hardness that require various tools and techniques during installation. If you’re looking for professional stone floor installation in Columbus, Footprints Floors has what you need. Our expert flooring installers will also take care of prep and cleanup to provide your home with beautiful new stone floors!

What is Stone Flooring?

Stone flooring may be a good choice for those who prefer an earthy feel. One can choose from many stone flooring types, including limestone, travertine, granite, marble and slate. The characteristics of those options will vary with each choice.


Limestone flooring is a type of stone flooring that can be found in many modern-day residences. This type of stone flooring is not only popular, but also has many benefits. Limestone floors are one of the most durable types of materials due to their tough and heavy characteristics.

Limestone floors can hold up against scratches and spills, which means they do not need to be refinished as often as other materials.


Travertine flooring is made of limestone that has been compacted and cemented together. Travertine comes in various colors, from tan, to brown, to black, each with unique characteristics.

Travertine can be challenging to install on your own due to the weight of the stone and the fact that it may not adhere if not correctly pressed down onto a surface. Travertine flooring will have a natural feel, as all the color variations come from natural impurities in the stone's formation.


Granite is an igneous rock that has formed over millions of years by the cooling and solidifying magma below Earth's surface. It is one of the hardest natural materials known to man. Granite's physical characteristics make it preferable for flooring as it has a uniform grain and texture, making each slab naturally easy to split into slabs.

The uniformity of granite also means that there are rarely any surprises with the final product because every piece will look similar to its neighbors.

Granite flooring is resistant to heat, water, scratches and stains, making it great for kitchens and bathrooms where spills are common. It is also very durable, so the stone can be used in areas with heavy traffic such as hallways or foyers without wearing down or becoming damaged easily. The surface of granite has a low porosity which makes it resistant to dirt buildup.


Marble is a metamorphic rock of mineral aggregate, with variable hardness and a high natural polish. It can be used as a cheaper alternative to granite flooring.

Marble slabs are generally more economical than granite slabs. Although marble slabs have a glossy appearance, they may have a slight sheen or texture that makes them less desirable for high-traffic areas at first glance. Still, marble slabs offer many of the same benefits as granite slabs with less expense involved.


Slate flooring is a type of stone that is found in metamorphic rocks. Slate is mined from the earth and then worked to create versatile flooring options for different applications. Slate can be polished to have a high sheen, matte finish — or somewhere in between. There are also textured slates available for those who want a more rustic look without the additional cost of installation.

What Rooms in Your Home are Appropriate for
Stone Flooring?

Stone flooring will add an organic touch to a room and also give off a feeling of luxury and wealth. Stone floors may be ideal for living rooms, studies or dining rooms, but they can be used in foyers and hallways as well. The material is heavy and durable, suitable for any high-traffic area that may get lots of wear and tear.

Stone floor installation services in Columbus.
How to Install
Stone Flooring

Stone floor installation should be professionally completed by a Footprints Floors specialist, as it can be difficult without the proper equipment and experience.

For the best results, the stone should be installed over plywood or concrete for stability and ease of installation. The type of adhesive used will depend on what type of stone flooring is being installed and the desired result.

Stone Flooring
Cleaning and Maintenance

Stone floors may be susceptible to scratches, chemicals and oils, which can leave residue behind, so special care must be taken when spills occur. Spills should be cleaned up quickly to avoid leaving an unsightly mark on the floor. It is recommended that professional cleaning and polishing the stone be done every six months and after any spills to keep it looking shiny and new. Stone floors can last up to 30 years before needing an update.

Stone flooring is a unique choice for those who want a strong, organic element in their home or office space. Proper installation is vital to the longevity of the product and should be performed by a professional, like those at Footprints Floors.

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If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home, then stone flooring is the perfect choice for you. A stone floor installation is beautiful and can be used in any room of your house. They come in many different colors, styles, textures and finishes, so there is something for everyone!

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What Our Customers Say

From start to finish, Footprints were professional, transparent, experts, and thorough. I was impressed at their installation crew. Brian from sales set the tone with a very non-salesy approach. He was knowledgeable, helpful, very resourceful and experienced. Clint, the owner showed up on day 1 of installation and to do a final walk-through at the end. The cherry on top of our beautiful floors was that Clint even returned our extra 2 boxes of flooring to the supplier for a refund. We will use them if we need any other flooring updates and recommend them to anyone.
Joy Macke 01/5/23 — google
We hired footprints floors to refinish some original hardwood floors we discovered under our carpet. Everything from the scheduling to the estimate to the final product and follow up was incredible. The customer service was top notch, and the project itself was done quickly without lacking quality. We are extremely happy with Footprints and plan to use them for any future flooring projects!
Christina Thompson 12/14/22 — google
This is our second time hiring Footprints to install porcelain floor tile in our home. They did a fantastic job both times. Jason is so thoughtful in his approach and you can tell by his work how skilled he is. The whole team is very responsive from start to finish and their pricing is fair. We won't hesitate to use them again!
Nicole Romstadt 11/26/22 — google
Footprints was great at every stage of our project. Bryan pointed us to a great shop where we bought our hardwood flooring. They were responsive to all of our communications, and we were able to schedule the work exactly when we wanted to have the work done. Clint arrived on time to kick of the project and "inspected" the finished work at our convenience. The installers (Alberto and company) arrived on time and worked diligently to finish the project in the 2.5 days that were planned. They also allowed us to leave furniture in two rooms for the first two days but were able to accomplish all of the work in the other rooms. We would absolutely turn to Footprints again if we had a similar project.
Cecilia Lammers 11/21/22 — google
Great group of professional and friendly guys! Clint is a perfectionist and very detailed oriented. I appreciated their willingness to work with us on our timeline. Footprints Floors has excellent customer service. I would highly recommend them for your hard surface floor needs.
Stephanie Green 11/21/22 — google
From the initial estimate and walk through of the project, to the responsiveness leading up to the job and the highest craftsmanship and quality of work, Footprints Floors of Columbus is top-notch in the Flooring Category! Brian and Clint will walk you through the entire prep and setup up, providing you with plenty of resources to ensure you're getting the best value material for your money. On the day of the install, Clint's team of specialists, led by Alberto, attacked the project with speed, professionalism and intent! They had the carpet fully removed by 9am, and had a team of six -- all with dedicated jobs (from cutting, to measuring, installation, and more) -- working at maximum efficiency! We had almost 500sq. ft. of new hardwood installed with perfection in less than six hours time! I can't wait to work with Footprints again in the future!
Steve K. 11/19/22 — Thumbtack
We are extremely pleased with the wood floor installation completed in our home. The workers were very attentive to my concerns and installed the flooring with great care. The entire crew was very pleasant to work with. They were punctual and completed the work in a timely manner.
Jim and Andrea Bott 11/17/22 — google
Great service and communication from beginning to end. Very professional and honest about their services. Would highly recommend this company!
Michelle Walker 11/16/22 — google
Clint and his team are very professional, personable, hard working, and communicate very well. They squeezed us in during a very busy stretch of theirs and the results are fantastic! It is clear that they take a lot of pride not just in what they do, but also in how satisfied the customer is. I would highly recommend them and will definitely be calling on them again in the future. Great work fellas!
Jason Fister 11/10/22 — google
Footprints Floors provided accurate measurements and timely estimates. Our project was to tear out old flooring, then wait for other projects to happen before installing new engineered wood flooring. Footprints Floors was able to accommodate our project flow. They did a very fast and professional job with demolition on old flooring, and a beautiful installation of the new engineered hardwood floor and baseboards. Top Notch!
Frank Gifford 10/13/22 — google
We are very please with the results of our wood floor refinishing. The guys were prompt, professional, and nice. They worked very cleanly and we had minimal dust in the adjacent room. Clint was great to work with. We highly recommend this family owned company.
Judith Kimchi-Woods 10/12/22 — google
I had a strict deadline I needed to meet to get my basement finished. They were incredibly flexible with scheduling and very cost effective. By the time I had my estimate to installation only a week had gone by. Communication was great and I would gladly work with them again!
Andrew Tate 10/7/22 — google
I hIghly recommend Footprint Floors. I have worked with Clint on 2 different flooring projects and was extremely happy with the results of both. Alberto and team arrived on time last week and ripped out the existing carpet and got to work on installing the LVP. It has been a pleasure working with Clint and I would not hesitate to hire again in the future.
Alicia Shipley 09/19/22 — google
Great people, great quality of work.
Stacey Congrove 08/19/22 — google
The whole team at footprints is amazing. They helped us every step of the way, they were always quick to respond and keep us up to date, and they were willing to work with our evolving time line. Once we were ready to start the work they got us scheduled and completed in a couple of days. Seriously when it was time to go they were ready. The team that came the day of the install were fast without compromising on attention to detail and the results were perfect. The whole experience, from the estimate to final cleanup was excellent. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to have flooring and baseboard work done. Thank you Brian, Clint, and the whole crew at Footprints. You were all great to work with!!
John Steines 08/19/22 — google
The crew who came to install our wood flooring were WONDERFUL! We had carpet throughout our home, they gave us a whole new house. It's absolutely Perfect and Fantastic. The crew was courteous, fast, helpful. We had a multitude of activities happening all at the same time, including cats going to daily "daycare". TOTALLY RECOMMENDED Clint and his "Footprints" Crew.
MARY CGS 08/18/22 — google
We were looking for someone to refinish our hardwood floors and based on the reviews gave Footprints Floors a call. Brian & Clint were responsive to all our questions about the process and products used. Although our open concept home made the sanding process messy, their team did a good job cleaning things up, and the finished product looks beautiful!! Would highly recommend you give Clint's firm the opportunity to make your wood floors look new again too.
Kevin Futryk 08/9/22 — google
From the initial proposal through to the completion of the job, the team was very professional and delivered on time. My floors look beautiful.
Lisa Becker 08/7/22 — google
Refinished original red oak floors from early 1960s. Beautiful job better than I imagined. I knew under those old wore floors was hidden beauty.
Janet Koenig 07/24/22 — google
Ill start by saying what a great company to work with from start to finish. We had a challenge trying to match new hardwoods with old hardwoods that were 22 years old. Brian came out and did the initial consultation and measurements and had some great ideas on how we could achieve the look were were going for and also gave good recommendations on who we could go to to discuss our flooring options. Once we made the decision on our flooring and had it delivered scheduling for the install was a breeze. Alberto and team showed up on time and worked flawlessly I was told the install would take 3 to 4 days max and they were done in 1 and a half days! Once our new flooring was laid I was not happy with the look of the new floors against the old existing floors ( no fault of Alberto and team , or Footprints Floors), So Clint the owner stopped out and once again consulted with me took his time to discuss what he could to do help find a resolution that fit the budget. That was to refinish the existing hardwoods to find a close match to the new floors laid. I was able to have that work scheduled and completed within the same week. Hugo and team showed up once again eager to work to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. For the sanding and refinishing process its a bagging system but understand you will always have some dust with this process but they kept it to a minimum and did an excellent job with placing plastic strategically to keep the dust contained within their working area. Before starting the main job Hugo was able to sand a small area and show me a color match of what the finished product would look like which helped put me at ease knowing exactly what the floor would look like once completed. Over all we had excellent customer service from all areas within Footprints and would use their services again, we have also referred this company to family and friends. Thanks a ton Footprints!!
Jenny Evanichko 07/12/22 — google

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