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If you’ve started or are considering a home renovation, you’ve probably thought about the big things; a kitchen remodel, maybe a bathroom update. But have you considered giving your home a facelift by getting your stairs redone?

The staircase is often one of a home’s most prominent architectural features. Having an outdated or worn down staircase can take away from a home’s updated features and even deter potential homebuyers. A staircase remodel can instantly lift the appearance and aesthetics of your home. A well-maintained staircase is also an important part of keeping your home safe, as worn steps or loose parts can become dangerous.

Footprints Floors is your one-stop shop for all your staircase remodeling needs. If you’ve been searching for flooring for stairs or looking to replace your current wood stairs in Providence, our staircase installers handle everything! From start to finish, we provide a seamless experience.

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Flooring for stairs installation in Providence.
Why Remodel Your Stairs During

Stairs are a beautiful architectural piece in your home, but there are many other reasons it’s a good idea to keep them updated. Whether it’s a full-scale remodel to match a home’s new look or just a new set of treads and risers, keeping your stairs in good shape is good practice as a homeowner.

  • Safety: A staircase is one of the highest traffic areas in a home, and as they become worn down over time, they can quickly become a safety hazard. Old stairs can become loose as the foundation settles, and wood stairs that aren’t maintained can become slippery. Loose holds or wobbly steps can also be dangerous. Well-kept stairs are less likely to lead to a fall, slip or other accident.
  • Home Value: In addition to making a home safe, an updated staircase is an important contributor to a home’s value. Scuffed or worn risers, broken spindles or steps that need to be refinished can lower home value.
  • Appeal: Along with increased home value, a beautiful staircase also has increased buyer appeal. If the staircase doesn’t match the rest of the home, it can be a drawback.

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What is Stone Flooring?

Stone flooring may be a good choice for those who prefer an earthy feel. One can choose from many stone flooring types, including limestone, travertine, granite, marble and slate. The characteristics of those options will vary with each choice.


Limestone flooring is a type of stone flooring that can be found in many modern-day residences. This type of stone flooring is not only popular, but also has many benefits. Limestone floors are one of the most durable types of materials due to their tough and heavy characteristics.

Limestone floors can hold up against scratches and spills, which means they do not need to be refinished as often as other materials.


Travertine flooring is made of limestone that has been compacted and cemented together. Travertine comes in various colors, from tan, to brown, to black, each with unique characteristics.

Travertine can be challenging to install on your own due to the weight of the stone and the fact that it may not adhere if not correctly pressed down onto a surface. Travertine flooring will have a natural feel, as all the color variations come from natural impurities in the stone's formation.


Granite is an igneous rock that has formed over millions of years by the cooling and solidifying magma below Earth's surface. It is one of the hardest natural materials known to man. Granite's physical characteristics make it preferable for flooring as it has a uniform grain and texture, making each slab naturally easy to split into slabs.

The uniformity of granite also means that there are rarely any surprises with the final product because every piece will look similar to its neighbors.

Granite flooring is resistant to heat, water, scratches and stains, making it great for kitchens and bathrooms where spills are common. It is also very durable, so the stone can be used in areas with heavy traffic such as hallways or foyers without wearing down or becoming damaged easily. The surface of granite has a low porosity which makes it resistant to dirt buildup.


Marble is a metamorphic rock of mineral aggregate, with variable hardness and a high natural polish. It can be used as a cheaper alternative to granite flooring.

Marble slabs are generally more economical than granite slabs. Although marble slabs have a glossy appearance, they may have a slight sheen or texture that makes them less desirable for high-traffic areas at first glance. Still, marble slabs offer many of the same benefits as granite slabs with less expense involved.


Slate flooring is a type of stone that is found in metamorphic rocks. Slate is mined from the earth and then worked to create versatile flooring options for different applications. Slate can be polished to have a high sheen, matte finish — or somewhere in between. There are also textured slates available for those who want a more rustic look without the additional cost of installation.

What Does a Stair Remodel Involve?

Choosing to remodel your staircase can be a small or large project, depending on how much work and how many things you want to change. From wood stairs to carpeting and railings, each part of the staircase can be renovated or repaired. Remodeling possibilities include:


Whether the railings are loose, worn or just don’t fit your interior style anymore, these can all be tightened or replaced.

Newel Posts

These are the posts that hold up railings. If they are loose or broken, it can affect the whole handrail.


Balusters are the decorative parts of handrails. Iron and wood are the most popular options for these. If you choose to replace your treads, you’ll also have to replace the balusters.

Treads and Risers

Treads and risers are the actual “steps” of a staircase, and may need to be replaced if they are wobbly or worn down.

Wood stairs installation in Providence.


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At Footprints Floors, we know it isn’t pleasant to live through any sort of remodel. This is especially true of flooring for flooring for stairs, which are one of the most used parts of a home. That’s why we work hard to make your staircase remodel or renovation a smooth, efficient experience.

Our expert staircase and floor installers handle everything from prepwork to installation — all with as little disruption to your routine as possible. We pride ourselves on clean, trustworthy work.

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Dealing with Footprint was a distinct pleasure. The work was superb, quickly done, and the workers were friendly. I was told the job would take about three days, but it was accomplished in a day and a half. Of all the estimates I received, Footprint’s was the most reasonable. I wholeheartedly recommend this company for any of your floor tiling needs.
Michael Willhoite 08/17/23 — google
I had vinyl plank done on my second floor. Fantastic people. Easy to work with and wonderful outcome. Will definitely hire again for other tiling/flooring work.
Ayed A. 08/15/23 — google
I am very happy with the work completed by Footprints! It was very easy to work with Oliver from start to finish. He had great communication regarding the installation and followed through with everything we discussed. I was very satisfied with the work the installer did. He was excellent and was able to complete the job very quickly. I was blown away by the new flooring as it looked better than I imagined! The process of working with Oliver and Footprints was so easy compared to other contactors where I've had to chase them down just to send me a quote. I definitely will be a repeat customer! Thanks again!
Jason Boulay 08/8/23 — google
The gentlemen who put down my new Smartcore floir were professional and courteous. The work is flawless. They also removed the old wall to wall carpet and disposed of it.
Debi Diana 07/10/23 — google
Oliver and his team were very professional. I was very satisfied with the work done. I would highly recommend them!
Sheila Hulme 07/1/23 — google
From beginning to end, Oliver and his team made it easy to do business! They were accommodating to our schedule, always on time, professional and efficient. They did spectacular work on the time they promised. We're extremely happy with the tile work on our wood stove backsplash and platform! Would highly recommend them!!
Soljane Martinez 06/29/23 — google
I had a small hardwood floor replacement job I needed to have completed and Oliver and his team were accommodating to my schedule and arrived on time. They completed the work very quickly and the finished job is amazing I would highly recommend Footprints Floors to anyone in need of quality professional hardwood floor repairs and replacement.
Anthony Cirelli 06/20/23 — google
Footprints owner Oliver responded to my initial inquiry immediately and came out to conduct a consultation the next day. He was incredibly thorough when it came to explaining the work that needed to be done. He gave me a quote far below what I was expecting. His team began the next day and they were on time everyday and did a fantastic job with cleanup as well. Highly recommend!
adam clark 06/9/23 — google
My experience with Oliver at Footprints Floors was one of the best customer service and quality projects I have had in a long time. His professionalism was outstanding. The quality of the work they did with our wood floors was terrific. If I could give ten stars, I would! Highly recommend!!!
Jennifer Kulik 04/11/23 — google
Oliver and his team did a great job with our kitchen tile and backsplash installation. He was punctual, a great communicator, fairly priced, completed the job in the quoted time frame, and did a fantastic job. Really could not ask for more. We definitely recommend Footprints of RI.
Edward Salamy 04/5/23 — google
Excellent service, I didn't have to wait long to have my new backsplash and tile flooring installed. The crew were respectful and did a great job. Oliver's communication with us during the process was spot on!
Annie Gill-Cooney 03/29/23 — google
Throughout the entire process of refinishing our floors, Oliver and the team at Footprints Floors were extremely professional and efficient. Oliver was always willing to answer questions or meet with us for additional consults as needed throughout the planning and installation. I would definitely recommend them for anyone in the area.
Emma Russell 03/28/23 — google
My new hardwood floor installation project runs very smoothly from the beginning to the end. Oliver Hellested led his teams and coordinated the efforts to ensure that the work being done at my home was completed in a timely manner with greatest satisfaction for the price and quality I was looking for. This company is very professional, communicative, easy to work with. If you are looking for a top work quality, best value with a fair price, look no further.
Sotheavy Poum 02/13/23 — google
Oliver cares about his clients and the their needs. Good communication and his commitment to doing the right thing make him the best value.
Zach N. 11/8/22 — Thumbtack
It is great to work with Oliver and Footprints Floors! Oliver is very friendly but also professional and quick to respond when I reach out with questions. His work is very good and I would be happy to recommend Oliver and Footprints Floors!
Rachel S. 11/7/22 — Thumbtack
Oliver is very professional and easy to work with. He communicated constantly throughout the project.
Lindsey M. 11/4/22 — Thumbtack
Oliver is very professional starting from the estimate to the completion of the flooring project. His attention to detail along with his excellent communication was much appreciated. Working with Oliver was fun and easy!
Kate M. 11/4/22 — Thumbtack
Oliver is always available. Is communication is second to none and his knowledge truly shows. I would certainly recommend him to anyone looking at flooring.
Carson C. 11/4/22 — Thumbtack
From beginning to end, Oliver and his team made it easy to do business! They were accommodating to our schedule, always on time, professional and efficient. They did spectacular work on the time they promised. We're extremely happy with the tile work on our wood stove backsplash and platform! Would highly recommend them!!
Sol M. 12/31/69 — Thumbtack

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