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Beautiful and long lasting, hardwood floors are a timeless choice for any room in your home. From your entryway to your kitchen, stairs, or bedroom, Footprints Floors will be there to help you every step of the way. Our hardwood flooring installers in Roseville / Folsom take care of installation and stain selection. Having your floors installed by a hardwood/solid wood craftsman means that your floors will look amazing and leave a lasting impression.

Hardwood flooring installation is always a smart move as it never goes out of style and will increase the overall value of your home. Hardwood flooring is durable, long-lasting, and (if needed in future decades) can be fully restored to its original splendor. Improvements in technology over the years have increased the durability and quality of hardwoods so that they will last for generations to come.

Benefits of Hardwood Floors

Increases Property Value

Flooring is a key design element in every home. Durable, clean, and beautiful, wood is a preferred flooring choice for homeowners. Whether you are a new homeowner looking to update old flooring or preparing your current home for sale, installing hardwood flooring increases your property's value.

Hardwood is one of the most popular flooring materials. According to the National Wood Flooring Association, realtors find homes with hardwood floors sell faster at higher price points. The timeless beauty and durability of hardwood are attractive to buyers, making hardwood a great choice for presale renovations.


Hardwood floors are one of the most sanitary flooring choices. Carpet, in comparison, traps in dust, dirt, and bacteria, and requires professional cleaning. While tile and laminate don’t have dust-trapping fibers, bacteria can still become trapped in the grout or embossing.

Families with children or pets will benefit from wood floors. Allergy sufferers will also appreciate the cleaner air quality that this material provides.

BeautifulVariety of Patterns

While every material has its draw, hardwood, in particular, is timeless. The intricate grains, rich colors, and unique textures of wood create endless design possibilities. As a versatile material, wood flooring does well with classic, modern, and eclectic home decor. Designers say that hardwood makes rooms appear larger, warmer, and inviting. What more could you ask of a flooring material?


Typically, hardwood flooring is installed parallel to the longest wall. Diagonal installation is an alternative pattern that is a great choice for smaller rooms. The diagonal boards draw the eyes towards the corners and away from the walls, elongating the room.

Picture Frame

A great statement piece, picture frame designs in wood flooring are perfect for elegant dining rooms. Picture frame designs are made with contrasting color wood planks, placed in geometric shape (usually rectangle) around the desired room feature.


Parquet patterns are geometric shapes made out of smaller pieces of wood that all fit together smoothly. This historical design was popular in homes built in the early 1900s. This intricate, sophisticated design is making a big comeback!

Random Widths

Wood planks of varying widths and lengths placed randomly add depth and length to a room, making it a great casual option for smaller spaces.


Compared to other flooring materials, hardwood is durable. Tile can crack, carpet stains, and laminate scratches easily. Hardwood, on the other hand, can withstand pets, children, and more for decades. While scratching can occur, hardwood floor refinishing can restore old floors to brand new.

The biggest benefit of hardwood floor installation is longevity. This is a flooring material that will last a century or more if properly maintained.

Low Maintenance

Though hardwood is durable, it is not impervious to damage. Faded finishes, scratches, and dents are all signs of a well-loved hardwood floor. With proper maintenance, these imperfections rarely show until decades after installation. And, when they do appear, restoration and repair will breathe new life into your floors.

A daily sweep and frequent mopping with a special hardwood cleaner are all that are needed to maintain your hardwood floors.

Hardwood Floor Installation Process

When you hire professionals for hardwood floor installation in Roseville / Folsom, it is important to understand their entire process. While some companies refuse to do prep work and cleanup, Footprints Floors provides full service. After discussing square footage, pricing estimates, and other details with your flooring professional, our team follows these installation steps.


Before wood planks are installed, they must acclimate to the moisture levels present in your home. Skipping this step causes expansion or shrinkage and other damage to newly installed floors. The acclimation process is simple: store your purchased wood planks inside your home for up to three days.

Tear Out And Subfloor Prep

Our team starts with the tear-out of your old floor, installs new subflooring, and prepares for installation. We practice heightened safety measures, ensuring no dust or harmful substances escape into your home’s atmosphere.


Our team of expert craftsmen provides special care and performs the installation diligently and efficiently, laying down your hardwood flooring plank by plank. Next, your new floor is buffed, stained, and sealed to your desired finish.

Clean Up

After the installation process is complete, the crew will clean up after themselves, leaving your home just as it was when they got there. You can expect our flooring contractors to treat you and your home with respect. For expert flooring services and quality customer care, you can count on Footprints Floors Roseville / Folsom.

Beauty in Imperfection

Most hardwood floors receive protective finishes to avoid the effects of wear and tear. However, you may finish your hardwood installation in Roseville / Folsom and wonder if it's necessary to cover your stunning new natural wood with finishing products. The good news is, it's entirely up to you!

The imperfections in raw wood floors are often what makes them so unique and eye-catching. Wood stains and sealants can smooth out glaring blemishes, but applying a finishing product is not necessary. Unfinished hardwood flooring is highly durable and requires only slightly different maintenance from a finished floor to avoid unnecessary water damage. Without a sealant, your hardwood will experience the beauty of age and daily use. Scratches and dents can be so much more than flaws! Unfinished wood showcases your family's history and brings your space a new sense of character. As the world grows more obsessed with the idea of perfection, unfinished hardwood is a lovely way to embrace and enhance the personality of your space. If you see and value the beauty in imperfection, allow your house to feel more like a home that has been loved and lived in with raw wood flooring.

If you want to add raw hardwood floors to your home and have been searching for hardwood installation in Roseville / Folsom, look no further! Footprints Floors has the hardwood expertise you need. Our hardwood flooring installers supervise every aspect of installation so you can be confident that your home is in expert hands. By the end of your installation, your raw hardwood floors will be the jewel of your home and will last the test of time. Give us a call today to receive a free estimate on your project!

This beautiful and intricate hardwood flooring was installed by Footprints Floors professionals.
Hardwood floors installation services in Roseville / Folsom with Footprints Floors.
How Much Does
Hardwood Floor Installation Cost?

There is an initial higher price to pay for the many benefits of hardwood flooring, but the investment is well worth it over time Though more expensive than alternative, cheaper materials like vinyl and laminate, hardwood flooring is a valuable choice for homes. Factors that affect pricing include wood species, size of the project, and the company you hire to complete hardwood floor installation.

Footprints Floors Roseville / Folsom specializes in affordable pricing. We have partnered with various vendors to secure affordable flooring material options for our clients. While your choice of material is up to you, we will recommend a list of quality vendors. Once you make your choice, our professional floor installers will finish the job!

The Footprints Floors

Most flooring companies require that you also purchase from their inventory, which drives up installation prices and limits options. We leave the choice up to you, giving you more freedom and allowing us to offer our services at low prices!

For beautiful hardwood flooring, you can count on the professionalism and expertise of Footprints Floors. Our team also takes care of prep work and clean up, leaving you with the beautiful flooring you always dreamed of.

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Hardwood floor installation Roseville / Folsom.


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Footprints Floors provides hardwood flooring installation services in Roseville / Folsom for both old and new homes. We handle the demolition and removal of the old flooring, as well as the necessary prep work for new flooring. We will even remove baseboards and reinstall them after completing the flooring installation.

Covering everything from design and installation to clean up, our team helps increase the value of your property with brand new hardwood floors. Contact us today to request a free estimate!

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What Our Customers Say

Working with Ron and his team was so easy. Ron was always in communication, visited the project daily, and provided timely updates. Moving into a new home can be hectic, but the team stayed on the timeline provided and on budget. Ron’s advise and experience really helped bring our ideas to life and we are thrilled with the end result. Thank you Footprint Floors for the great new quality flooring throughout our house!
Obie Scott 09/18/23 — google
I work for a senior living community. I had Footprints floors come out and install laminate flooring in a room. They did an amazing job! Super friendly. I will be using them for all future flooring needs of my building. You won't be disapointed with these guys!
Todd Criner 08/31/23 — google
I am more than pleased with the laminate flooring that was done for me by Footprints Floors out of Roseville. Ron gave me a good estimate up front and kept me apprised; very professional and easy to work with. The work crew was prompt, courteous, and exacting in their attention to detail. The subflooring they started with was somewhat uneven (older home) and they did their magic to bring up the dips and sand down the mounds for a smooth flat surface. They were lightening fast with this project and cleaned up every speck when they were finished. This company genuinely exceeded my expectations and I would recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone who wants quality workmanship at a very competitive price.
Denise Sheridan 08/16/23 — google
We were impressed with Ron’s (owner’s) clear evaluation of our project and proposed solution. His crew arrived promptly on the appointed day and set to the task. No time wasted, a seamless installation and thorough cleanup upon completion. Professionalism of the highest order: thank you, Footprints!
Jay Samuelsson 08/14/23 — google
We have worried about refinishing our wood floors because they are stressed to resemble older floors and we did not want to lose that look. Footprints was very sensitive to our concerns and did a wonderful job of refinishing the floors without losing their charm. They were very communicative, on time, and very concerned with getting the look we wanted. We were very glad to have found them, and we would happily have them back should the need arise.
Karyl Fisher 04/17/23 — google
Footprints floors was fantastic. Ron was very prompt and informative on the process and products used and kept us updated throughout the process. The guys doing the work diligently prepped the area and insured we were happy with the results all the way through.
Shaun Ferderer 03/16/23 — google
Footprints was very professional from start to finish. No surprises. Just honest good quality work. Ron, the owner, was knowledgeable, on time and a man of his word. I wood recommend this company to anyone looking for floor work.
Micah Comer 03/15/23 — google
Craftsmen is how I would describe Ron’s team. The flooring looks like a million bucks! Couldn’t be happier with the results.
Kimball Hinds 03/12/23 — google
The Footprints Flooring team was amazing. We actually found them on Instagram. We reached out for a consult and estimate to get our 1950s original hardwood floors refinished. Making the appointment for the estimate was very easy and we got the quote for the work, including some additional options back very quickly. Once we decide to move forward, we were scheduled quickly as well. We had an area where an old wall heater was removed as well as a fireplace that were both not repaired with hardwood as they were carpeted over. The crew did an amazing job removing the awful patch jobs done by previous owners and lacing in hardwood to match. There was some old termite damage found and quickly addressed by the team as well. Work commenced on Monday 2/13 and we received the text Saturday night that the job was complete. They even stayed late to wrap up the work so it didn’t carry over into this week. We never felt pressured to make any choices from a sales perspective. Ron is amazing at keeping you in the loop even if you (like we) were not easily reachable during business hours. Communication is key and they nailed it. I never felt like we had to chase them down to see what the status was or how things were progressing. Anytime a change was made or additional work was needed we promptly got an updated invoice tracking the changes. I would HIGHLY recommend Footprints Flooring to anyone in need of flooring. The whole experience was amazing and we LOVE our new floors!
Amber Dingfelder 02/21/23 — google
We had an outstanding experience with Ron and his team. Ron was professional, honest and thorough. He was able to source the same type of hardwood for our home that was built in 1947. Ron and his team refinished our existing floors and installed hardwood in our new addition. He worked with our contractor and was able to match the old and new wood beautifully. I appreciate his excellent communication and willingness to answer all of my questions (there were many). I would recommend Ron and his team in a heartbeat!
Nicole Zorne 01/23/23 — google
Ron and his crew at Footprints Floors are amazing! They did a first rate job of installing my hardwood floors. The owner, Ron, is professional, friendly and most importantly, provides exceptional customer service. He listened carefully to what I wanted and answered every question or concern I had. I highly recommended Footprints Floors.
Jeffrey Mushock 12/5/22 — google
Love Footprints Flooring! They did all the work for us including breaking down our project into two phases to accommodate our budget. Great value for the amount of hard work the team did. The team consisted of some of the nicest people I’ve ever done a home improvement project with. Very thorough and clean. I wish I could hire them for all my home improvement needs. Thanks again!
Bing Scully 09/13/22 — google
By far, the most outstanding floor we every had! This was our 4th entire house floor installation job. The concrete slab in this house had cracks and damage which needed to be dealt with so that the luxury vinyl planking could be installed. The crew spent all the time needed to address every issue encountered. The prep work was top notch. Ron addressed every concern and issue along the process. The crew did an awesome job with installation. Our floors are beautiful! If you want quality and exceptional service; go with Footprints Floors!
Henry Cardoza 07/11/22 — google
We had current hardwood that was refinished and new hardwood added. We have existing dark laminate floors surrounding the hardwood, and asked to have it match in color. It is Beautiful! I am so happy with the results! Ron and his team are exceptional professionals and I will use this company again for our second level!
O_O M_M 02/24/22 — google
Ron and his team installed an entire house of new baseboards and approx. 2500' of vinyl flooring. They took particular care with helping to stabilize squeaky sub floor and the end result was a game changer.
Chloe Sutterer 02/9/22 — google
I had a FANTASTIC experience working with those folks. From selecting th best flooring for my remodeling job, to the storing and delivery of my product when the home became vacant. What I really appreciated is thr honestly up front about the expense of the project. Specifically the floor prep for the new flooring. This was not something I had considered but Ron covered this with me to prevent any surprises down the road. Very happy with how the project turned out. Highly recommend.
Mike Lavelle 01/22/22 — google
We had a great experience with Footprints Floors in Roseville! They helped us pick out the perfect flooring, they started and completed the work on time and every single one of their staff was respectful and worked hard. Even our neighbors commented about how hard they worked while at our home. We highly recommend this business!!
Kellie Kirkpatrick 01/18/22 — google
Ron and his crew were very professional and did a terrific job of refinishing our old hardwood floors. I am a retired custom home builder and have worked with many very good hardwood floor craftsmen over the years. I would not hesitate to recommend Footprints Floors to anyone. It was a real pleasure working with a Ron and crew because they delivered exactly what was promised in a timely manor with care and integrity. Thanks again gentlemen.
Don Williams 12/21/21 — google
Footprint Floors exceeding our expectations for refinishing our original hardwood floors. Ron owner was very professional, polite, and to the point of what the estimate would be. The pricing was reasonable and remained in our budget. Project was completed on time. Crew member Edwardo was very knowledgeable and experienced. Replaced damaged flooring with ease. Beautiful job done on our floors. Process was flawless. Workers arrived on time. Could not have made a better decision to hire this company. My husband and I would highly recommend them.
Fernanda Brennan 11/19/21 — google
Ron’s proposal was detailed and clear. His crew was great. They were professional and had great attention to detail and it was evident they wanted to leave their customers happy. The end result of my new floors is absolutely gorgeous and I could not be happier with the transformation of my home. I really liked being able to find the flooring product that I wanted/liked and at the best price and having Footprints install it. I highly recommend this company.
Lisa Menconi 11/19/21 — google

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Footprints Floors is a one-of-a-kind residential flooring installation and restoration business. We offer high quality flooring installations and, with over a decade of dedication, we have quickly become the largest flooring contractor by striving to bring a higher level of customer service and sophistication to an industry where it was severely lacking. Our family-owned business is focused on customer satisfaction and quality results, all while passing savings on to you and yours through our low overhead model.

Footprints Floors is a one-of-a-kind residential flooring installation and restoration business. We offer high quality flooring installations and, with over a decade of dedication, we have quickly become the largest flooring contractor by striving to bring a higher level of customer service and sophistication to an industry where it was severely lacking. Our family-owned business is focused on customer satisfaction and quality results, all while passing savings on to you and yours through our low overhead model.

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