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Through our Christian ministry of adoption, orphan care, and foster care we walk with expectant parents, hopeful adoptive families, foster families, and orphaned children around the world through life’s difficult chapters. Together, we write a story of hope.

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About our Partnership

Hope's Promise is a wonderful organization that planted itself within our community 30 years ago, and has a proven track record of making an incredible difference in both our community, and the world, through its efforts. They seek to celebrate, preserve and prioritize family. The belief that children in all countries and cultures deserve to live in a safe, nurturing and loving family environment is at the heart of their organization and is a value in each of their programs.

First Fruits is proud to partner with Hope's Promise, and is looking to come alongside and help to open a new children's home in Vietnam, as well as helping support their efforts in their foster care program locally in Colorado.

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Hope’s Promise Target Causes

Pregnancy Support

Helping couples or individuals navigate a pregnancy, both planned and unplanned, by walking alongside and providing counseling and education.

Adoption Services

Experienced and compassionate caseworkers provided to help guide families through both domestic and international adoptions.

Orphan Care

Providing family based orphan care, carried out through the local church in order to provide support for orphaned and vulnerable children around the world.

Foster Care

Specializing in providing support for foster families through a highly trained, ministry-minded social work team to help the family thrive.

Recognizing the Need
  • Christian charity for children and families Working globally in communities within the USA, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Kenya, Nepal.
  • Christian charity for children and families In 2019, more than 71,000 children nationally whose parental rights had been legally terminated were waiting to be adopted.
  • Christian charity for children and families The most common reasons for entering foster care include:
    • Neglect 64%
    • Parental Substance Use 38%
    • Physical Abuse 13%

Together, We Write a Story of Hope

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Step Into The Need & Support Hope's Promise

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