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Why Do My Hardwood Floors Look Dull?

How Do You Fix a Dull Floor in Nashville / Brentwood?

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All flooring requires maintenance to continue looking nice, especially hardwood floors. But even if you take great care of your hardwood floors, they may lose their sheen over time. Whether your hardwood floors are starting to look dull or you’re just looking for tips to prevent them from becoming dull, you’ve come to the right place.

Protect and Maintain

So how do you fix a dull floor in Nashville / Brentwood? Preventing damage is the first step. Here are some ideas for protecting your hardwood floors:

  • Protect them from sunlight. Hardwood floors are sensitive to sunlight. Areas where your floors are exposed to sun will likely fade over time. You can avoid some of this impact with help from throw rugs, blinds or curtains. For an even longer–term solution, consider strategically planting trees or bushes to give your home a bit more shade. You could also install UV–resistant or tinted windows.
  • Remove shoes. High heels are particularly good at scratching through hardwood finishes. Pet nails can also be damaging, so keep pet nails trimmed to protect your floors.
  • Clean the right way. First, sweep or vacuum your floors before applying a wet mop to remove any grit. Then make sure you're using the right cleaner. Products you use on other floorings may strip your floors of their finishes and harm the wood rather than clean it. Finally, don't overdo it on the cleaner—using too much cleaner, even if it's meant for hardwood floors, can make them look dull.

With careful maintenance and attention, a little can go a long way in preserving the beauty of your hardwood flooring.

How do you fix a dull floor in Nashville / Brentwood - get beautiful floors like in this kitchen with Footprints Floors.

Refinish and Repair

Unfortunately, protection and maintenance aren't always the answer to how do you fix a dull floor. Even the best–kept floors will likely need special attention over time. When cleaning no longer gets the job done, your floors may need to be refinished or repaired.


Refinishing helps give your floors a new life and goes a long way to prevent damage that is far more expensive to repair. The process involves sanding away imperfections and applying a new finish. Although it sounds simple, many things can go wrong during refinishing. You may sand one part of the floor too much, damaging it and making it look uneven, or improperly apply a finish.


More extensive damage to floors, such as deep gouges, cannot simply be refinished. Instead, they may require either repair or replacement.

How Do You Fix a Dull Floor in Nashville / Brentwood? Footprints Floors Can Help!

If you notice visible wear, surface damage, or scratches on your floors, Footprints Floors is here to help get your floors looking brand new again. Footprints Floors has years of experience in all kinds of wood flooring and is committed to providing you with the best, most efficient service. This includes special equipment that minimizes the amount of dust in your home and reduces the amount of time it takes before you can return to full activity in your home.

For floors that need more than just refinishing, you can rely on the experts of Footprints Floors for that, too. In many cases, we can target our repairs or replacements to specific areas and then refinish your flooring to look unified and brand new.

If you've moved into an old home with antique hardwood floors, they may need more than just repairs. Thankfully, the professionals at Footprints Floors are also experts in restoration. Restoration requires particular expertise and is a longer process than refinishing or repairing. We will only recommend a complete restoration if it is the best option for your floors.

So, how do you fix a dull floor? Call the experts! Whatever your floors need, you can trust Footprints Floors to provide top–quality results at affordable prices. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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Well-maintained and polished hardwood floors are a stunning feature in any home. The floors of the home also see the most wear, so it's natural for hardwood to start to show scuffs and wear over time. This doesn't mean you need to shell out a fortune to replace them, though. Most hardwood floors can be restored for a fraction of the cost—and look even better than before!

If you've been researching hardwood flooring restoration in Nashville / Brentwood, Footprints Floors provides all the refinishing surfaces you need to make that hardwood shine again! From setup to cleanup, we'll take care of the entire process so you don't have to handle the hassle of having to rent or buy special equipment.

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What Our Customers Say

Visiting from out of town and I noticed my 99 year old mother's floors were sagging. Spoke with Austin that came out immediately and gave an estimate. Austin, Kyle and the work crew did a wonderful job and the floor look AWESOME!. I would 100% recommend this company in the future.
Juanita Hall 04/22/24 — google
Austin, Kyle and Marvin were quick to respond and performed our repairs quickly and well. I recommend them!
Isabel Gauthier 04/19/24 — google
Very pleased with Footprint Floors-Nashville good/timely communications , clear expectations , and delivered ! Saul was our project mgr who lead a solid project team. They respected my home, good work flow, kept me informed throughout project and cleaned up. My outdoor screened porch floors look great.
Nick Taras 04/17/24 — google
Saul and his crew did an amazing job on our hardwood floors. They had been damaged and were restored and look amazing. Saul is also great at communicating with customers. I would highly recommend this company.
Stephanie Poythress Vozza 04/16/24 — facebook
Footprints Floors did fantastic work, refinishing our hardwood flooring after it had been damaged. The floors look brand new and I would recommend them and their team.
Stephanie Vozza 04/16/24 — google
Very pleased with the flooring footprints did for my home. Fast an efficient work, Saul did great overseeing the project and helping me out any way he could. I highly recommend this company for your flooring needs!
NeNe 330 04/13/24 — google
Footprint Floors did a phenomenal job on my original 1930’s house hardwood floors. I was at first hesitate to move forward with the patchwork, repair and finish of the floors, but am so glad I did. Saul was my point of contact throughout this process and his team really delivered - I can’t recommend them enough. I’m only bummed I didn’t do this sooner since it turned out far better than I could have imagined. They’ve won my business, that’s for sure. Thanks again Footprint Floors! See the pics for before and after.
Jason Cottrell 04/12/24 — google
They did a fantastic job!!! Renovating my kitchen floors
DΛVIS MΛLLORY 04/11/24 — google
Saul and his team did a phenomenal job replacing our old carpeted upstairs with vinyl, completely changing the look and feel of our house. It’s like we moved into a new place without all the pain of packing. 100% recommend Footprints!
Pat Dooley 04/10/24 — facebook
Saul and his team did a phenomenal job replacing our old carpeted upstairs with vinyl, completely changing the look and feel of our house. It’s like we moved into a new place without all the pain of packing. 100% recommend Footprints!
Pat Dooley 04/10/24 — google
We had a great experience with the team! They were fair and did excellent work! We love our tile floor and will reach out to them again when we are ready to refinish our wood floors.
Stephanie Passaretti 04/10/24 — google
Kyle and crew were so great to work with. We had our master bedroom red oak wood floors refinished to a more natural/white finish and they did phenomenal job. Allowed us to see a few different sample areas and were patient while we chose. Will definitely be using Footprints again when we're ready to do the whole house.
Miranda Dozzi 04/10/24 — google
Our experience with the team at Footprints Floors was amazing - they were professional, courteous, responsive and our floors have never looked better. I would hire them again in a heartbeat!
Lisa Smith 04/9/24 — facebook
Our experience with the team at Footprints Floors was amazing - they were professional, courteous, responsive and our floors have never looked better. I would hire them again in a heartbeat!
Lisa Smith 04/9/24 — google
Everything. Always on time and very informative and helpful and friendly. Answered all my questions and was very knowlegable about the project. Saul and his crew did an outstanding job on an unusual and difficult project. I am totally happy with the completed project.
Carolyn Jo Layne 04/6/24 — facebook
This was a great experience working with Footprints. They were prompt and worked diligently to perform an outstanding job on an unusual and difficult project. I could not be happier with the results. I would certainly recommend them to anyone needing a flooring project done. Thanks Saul and crew‼️
Carolyn Layne 04/6/24 — google
The team and Ruben did the most excellent work and would DEFINITELY, be using them again and recommend Footprints to everyone! Thank you
Miguel Otero 04/3/24 — google
Footprint Floors done an amazing job on my hardwood floors in two bedrooms downstairs. From beginning to end, Saul provided a high level of customer service. He was prompt in replying to the initial request and was patient when an issue arose in which we had to delay the project start time two months. The installation crew was professional! They covered up the existing hardwood floors and put plastic up to protect the furniture. Once that was done the work began. All went smoothly, Saul was either on-site or checking in by text or phone call. I love my floors and will definitely use them when I refinish my “older” floors.
Chandar Reed 03/29/24 — google
I had a small job, I changed out the vanity in the powder room leaving dark marks where the stain had not been updated. I spoke with several floor companies and was told it might not look good unless the entire room was redone. Footprints floors was the only company that mapped out a plan to make sure the floor would turn out great. They came yesterday, and were able to knock out the job in a timely manner and it turned out GREAT! You can’t see where the old floor was at all.
Connie Latta 03/27/24 — google
We are beyond satisfied with our refinished floors! We would work with them again in a heartbeat. The floors turned out better than we expected, the entire process was smooth, and the team we worked with was amazing. Saul communicated with us the entire time and helped us throughout the project, and Miguel and the rest of the team were phenomenal. Everyone was really friendly and professional. Thank you, Footprints Floors!
Ryan 03/23/24 — google

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