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Can You Repair Laminate Floors?

Posted on Sep 8th 2022


Can You Repair Laminate Floors?

Laminate flooring is durable, withstanding stains, dents, and fading over time. However, no flooring is indestructible. Even laminate can begin to look worse for wear over time. In some cases, it can be repaired instead of replaced. If you work carefully with the proper tools, you can make minor repairs to scratches or chips in your laminate flooring. For more severe damage, call a professional for help.

Preventing Damage

Taking precautions to keep your flooring safe from damage can prevent the need for repairs or replacement. Investing in area rugs and furniture pads, as well as keeping up with regular cleaning and maintenance, can help prolong the life of your laminate floors.

Repairing Options

Are you wondering if you can repair your laminate yourself? Here's a quick breakdown on what kind of repairs you can do yourself and when it's best left to a professional.


Minor chips and scratches in a laminate floor can be fixed with a touch–up or repair kit. If the dent is too deep to fill, the plank may need to be professionally replaced.

Water Damage

While most laminate floors are water resistant, water damage can still occur. Occasional spills can be cleaned and shouldn't leave any lasting evidence. However, suppose your floor becomes fully submerged under water during a flood or stays in contact with water long enough. In that case, the planks may begin to swell and deteriorate. Water–damaged boards can't be fixed, but they can be replaced by a professional.

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Lifting or Bucking Planks

Planks can lift or buck if they are incorrectly installed. In some cases, this problem can be rectified by removing baseboards or molding to give the planks more room. If the planks need to be removed or trimmed, or if flooding caused the damage, contact a professional for help.

If any part of your laminate flooring is severely damaged, attempts to fix it yourself could result in worse damage. Replacing planks or whole sections of laminate flooring can be dangerous, and improper installation can have disastrous long–term consequences on your floor's integrity. In this case, contacting a professional flooring repair service is the safest option.

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Repairing Laminate vs Hardwood

There are pros and cons for both laminate and hardwood. Laminate holds a slight edge over hardwood if you specifically want durable flooring. Since laminate is made from pressed wood, it is more resistant to the wear and tear of daily use. It's also easier to clean because it withstands moisture better than hardwood.

However, laminate flooring can be more difficult to repair due to the individual boards that make up the flooring. Repairs often involve replacing the entire floor. Hardwood, on the other hand, can usually be repaired by simply sanding away imperfections and refinishing.

Why Hire a Professional?

With the right tools and a steady hand, there are a few minor repairs you can DIY on your laminate floors. However, if the damage is severe, you may need help from a professional to fix or replace your floors. If you need to replace your laminate floors, contact Footprints Floors today for a free estimate.