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How to Protect Hardwood Floors

Posted on Oct 17th 2022


How to Protect Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a beautiful, durable addition to any home. Proper care and maintenance will keep your floors looking great for years to come. Here are some practical, simple tips on how you can protect your hardwood floors.

Clean Your Floors the Right Way

One of the most recognizable, beloved features of a hardwood floor is the richness of the wood itself. The beautiful color, the pattern in the grain—all of this adds character and warmth to your home. You can protect your floors from growing dull over time with careful attention to how you clean your floors.

  • Never use water. Hardwood floors should never be cleaned with water. Water can warp or damage the wood. Instead, invest in quality hardwood floor cleaner.
  • Remove debris first. When you’re ready to clean, we recommend thoroughly vacuuming or sweeping your floors first to remove minor dust and debris from the floor.
  • Remember, less is more. Applying too much cleaner can damage your floor's protective seal and cause more harm over time.

Protect from Damage

Floors can grow dull over time from sunlight and general wear and tear. After all, the floors in your home aren't museum exhibits! They're meant to be walked on and used. You can protect your floors from fading or from scratches with a few simple tricks.

  • Protect them from sunlight. Floors can lose their richness over time from sunlight. Adding a rug, investing in some blinds or curtains, or upgrading the windows in rooms with heavy sun throughout the day can help maintain your floor's color. You could also consider planting bushes or trees in your yard to help filter sunlight!
  • Keep shoes off of your floors. Some shoes (like high heels or cleats) are particularly bad for scratching wood surfaces.
  • Mom and child barefoot on hardwood to protect from scrapes - learn more with Footprints Floors.
  • Keep toys off the floor (as possible). If you have young children in your home, do what you can to avoid playing with toys directly on the floor. Little toy cars, blocks, and other favorites can quickly dent and scratch floors.
  • Trim pet nails. If you have pets in your home, keep their nails trimmed. If you can hear them clicking across your floors, they're too long and can scratch.
  • This mom and child follow Footprints Floors's advice to keep shoes off of hardwood flooring.
  • Add leg protectors to your furniture. Invest in leg protectors for any furniture you have directly on your floors. Some options are invisible and stick to the bottom of surfaces, while others cover more securely around the bottom of each limb. Either way, they will help avoid scratches when your furniture is moved or adjusted.
This beautiful wood flooring was installed and refinished by Footprints Floors - call to learn more about our services!

Call in the Professionals

Even the best–kept wood floors will need a little extra attention now and then. When your best efforts aren't quite cutting it any longer, it's time to schedule an appointment with the professionals at Footprints Floors.

As part of regular upkeep, floors need to have their surface refinished every few years. While it's tempting to do this project yourself, it's best to bring in the experts. If you're not careful, attempting to refinish on your own can lead to costly repairs. Setting up a care plan with professionals can save your floors and your wallet.

We'll handle the sanding and application of the new coat of finisher, leaving your floors looking like new in no time. Suppose some areas have taken a little extra beating. In that case, we'll be able to recommend a course of action for the most effective treatment. Whether you are looking to install new floors or repair existing floors, you can trust the experts of Footprints Floors.