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Kitchen backsplashes and bathroom wall tiling, when property installed, are among the simplest updates any homeowner can make to drastically improve the look and feel of their home. Both backsplashes and wall tiles are an easy, cost effective update for any kitchen or bathroom, especially for those homeowners on a budget. Wall tiles and backsplashes are not only aesthetically pleasing but serve to protect walls from water damage, grease or food stains. The maintenance of wall tiles and backsplashes is simple and straightforward. These tiles are easier to clean and are a more durable surface protectant compared to most painted walls. This means that any substances or food that splashes onto the walls is easily wiped away. Anyone who has cleaned pasta sauce or makeup off of a painted wall knows what a benefit this can be!

There are a vast array of backsplash or wall tile options to choose from to compliment any space. Of course, there are the usual options of stone, glass, or ceramic tiles. In addition, there are now even more to choose from; including mirror tiles, shiplap and more. When you consider the variations available in size, shape and color for backspash and wall tiles, the design and end result possibilities for your space are limitless.

Wall Tile & Backsplash Options

Glass Tile

Like marble, glass tiles can be a more affordable option to make a space feel larger and brighter by bouncing light throughout a room. Glass tiles have a very pleasing way of also accenting the colors beneath the glass, giving off an often captivating look and feel. Glass tiles are low maintenance, easy to clean and very durable.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are by far our most popular request for backsplash and wall tile installations in Grand Prairie / Mesquite. Ceramic tiles are extremely durable, scratch resistant, low maintenance, and are super easy to keep clean. With some of the most diverse designs available, homeowners really can't go wrong with ceramic tiles as their wall accent of choice.


To create an inviting and warm look and feel, homeowners often choose stone as their wall tile or backsplash accent of choice. Stone is incredibly durable, heat resistant and conveys a truly timeless impression.

Mirror Tile

While this wall accent is more rare, mirror tiles are a great choice for someone wanting to visually expand their space. Mirrors create a natural optical illusion that the space is much larger than it actually is. This comes in handy for rooms with low ceilings and in spaces that are more narrow. Mirrors are easy to clean and are also great for reflecting light into your space.


For a more elegant touch, homeowners might consider installing marble for their wall accents. Marble has a natural polished glimmer that reflects light; making rooms seem more spacious. Yet for such an upscale material, marble is also durable and easy to care for.


This chic and modern wall accent serves as an alternative to a more traditional backsplash or wall tile. Shiplap is typically an inexpensive wall covering solution that is sure to bring a lot of texture and depth to any space.

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Wall tile installation near me in Grand Prairie / Mesquite.
Wall Tiles & Backsplashes
Not Just for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Although wall tiles and backsplashes are commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms, today we are seeing an uptick in backsplashes and wall tiles being installed in entryways, laundry rooms and accent walls throughout the home as well! These tiles are excellent choices for any space for two main reasons. First, they provide protection from water damage and create a durable and easy to clean surface in areas that are prone to splashes and extra wear and tear. Second, backsplashes and wall tiles are being used more and more to create an impactful design statement. Backsplashes and wall tiles work to compliment the colors in each room; drawing the eye and tying a room's design together. Take part in the beautiful statement both wall tiles and backsplashes can make in your home by contacting Footprints Floors for an in-home estimate today.

DIY vs Hiring a Professional

These days DIY projects are very popular, and of course we understand why. It may sound fun to get our hands dirty, take on a new project, learn something new and be responsible for the end result. When it comes to wall tiles and backsplash installation, however, we recommend working with professionals.

When approaching wall tiles and backsplash installations, many first timers choose an affordable and easy stick and peel option. These are not ideal. Their lasting power is limited and although they seem approachable, they will not provide the same impact or protection that a true wall tile is designed to accomplish. If you truly want your wall tile or backsplash to be a statement piece you need the end result to be impeccable. The design, the lines, and all the edges need to align just right. At Footprints Floors our master craftsmen expertly install any wall tile and backsplash while paying attention to every detail for a stunning look that lasts.

If you are tempted to approach the project yourself because of concerns regarding the cost of installation, keep in mind that our prices and services are unmatched. We are an affordable option too. And let's not forget the value of your time. With Footprints Floors you can save money, time and experience a stress free project.

Wall tile and backsplash installation near me in Grand Prairie / Mesquite.

Backsplash installation in Grand Prairie / Mesquite with Footprints Floors.

Wall Tile and Backsplash Installation Process

Once you have purchased your preferred materials and are looking for wall tile and backsplash installation in Grand Prairie / Mesquite, the professionals at Footprints Floors are happy to take over.

Professional wall tile and backsplash installation is always a smart choice as long as detailed steps are followed to ensure durability and longevity.

Purchase Your Tiles

If not done already, you'll begin by purchasing your materials from a local flooring store or showroom in the quantity recommended. For recommendations on the best wall tile or backsplash products to invest in, Footprints Floors will be happy to offer our expertise. One of the reasons Footprints Floors is able to offer such affordable installation pricing is because we do not offer our own products. By reducing the need for storage and warehouse space, we happily pass the savings on to our customers.

Prepare the Area

Before we begin, we make sure your wall is ready for the installation of your new materials. Your will be cleaned and prepped, but we also must make sure your walls are level and smooth. In the case that we cannot make it level or smooth, we try to first inform you with options before continuing with your project to avoid any unexpected material or labor costs.


Our team of expert craftsmen provide special care and perform the installation with great attention to detail as they lay down your tiles one by one. It is very important that a professionals like Footprints Floors install your wall and backsplash tiles because every step matters; from the cuts and spacing, to the placement and lay-down of all materials. Perfecting every step is critical for ensuring long lasting beauty and durability.

Clean Up

After the installation process is complete, the crew will clean up after themselves, leaving your home just as it was when they got there. You can expect our wall tile and backsplash contractors to treat you and your home with respect. For expert tile installation services and quality customer care, you can count on Footprints Floors of Greater Dallas.

Wall tile installation near me Grand Prairie / Mesquite.


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For all backsplash and wall tile installation services in Grand Prairie / Mesquite, Footprints Floors is your qualified local professional. Give us a call today for more information about our Grand Prairie / Mesquite wall tile installation services.

Covering everything from design tips (where to purchase your material) and installation to clean up, our team helps increase the value of your property with amazing new wall accents. Contact us today to request a free estimate!

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What Our Customers Say

Very professional and my floor lady looks amazing . I highly recommend footprints
Marty Couch 06/17/22 — google
Tayran's crew did an excellent job sanding down our dark oak floors, refinishing them with a natural stain, and sealing it with a poly sealer. The floors look new again and the really brighened up our house. We would definitely recommend Footprints Floors!
Tom Jahner 12/13/21 — google
Taryn gets the job done! I highly recommend her to anyone with a large flooring project in process. She's professional and on time. You won't be disappointed! Thank you!
Brielle Decker 10/26/21 — google
They did a great job for me and so professional . I would highly recommend footprints of dallas
Log into Facebook | Facebook 09/5/21 — facebook
Taryn was our representative and from the moment I called her (cold call, she had NO idea who I was or that I was calling), she was immediately responsive, extraordinarily informative about the various wood floor options, transparent about costs and the most important thing--- she was honest about her availability and the timeline in which she could complete our very last minute job with an extremely tight deadline (before we moved in to our new home). She spent HOURS on the phone with me (I was moving from out of state) and patiently addressed my questions, concerns, anxieties and even repeatedly sent me 3D-images of the hardwood floors in numerous colors and configurations in the various rooms of my home (she even photographed them for specifically for this purpose). Taryn was able to find raw/unfinished solid hardwood DURING THIS PANDEMIC, not only at prices that no one else has quoted, BUT ALSO, the QUANTITY of wood we needed for the task!! Other contractors struggled to find enough hardwood for the square footage needed for the task. She even had the foresight and thoughtfulness to secure wood at the same price for our second, future project (double staircases). Not only did Taryn begin the project ASAP, she finished EARLIER than we could have anticipated!!! She kept us apprised every step of the way and was responsive to EVERY SINGLE CALL OR TEXT, morning, noon and late night--- always patient and helpful. Additionally, Taryn helped us beyond the project that we consulted her for! She answered innumerable questions regarding other home improvement issues and offered her assistance wherever she could and ALWAYS tried to minimize our costs whenever/wherever/however she could. I highly recommend Taryn if you're looking for a reliable, professional and thorough expert!!!
Nicole Borges 09/3/21 — google
They did an excellent job installing a new backsplash. They are on time, quick and went above and beyond to keep everything clean. I would definitely use them again.
Melinda Larch 08/15/21 — google
Taryn was amazing to work with from beginning to end. I really appreciate the time she devotes to making sure her clients is getting exactly what they want. I will definitely be using them again.
Jonda Mitchell 07/22/21 — google
Taryn was my project manager for the tile work, and she was absolutely fantastic. She was very communicative through the entire project, and was wonderful to work with. The team that came in to install the tile were friendly and answered any questions we had, and the floor work they completed looks beautiful. I would definitely use Footprints Floors of Greater Dallas again.
lydia perez 07/2/21 — google
Taryn was amazing to work with! We had her and her team level our floor and install vinyl plank flooring in our kitchen and laundry room, as well as laying quarter round throughout the house. Her team showed up on time (early actually!) and got to work immediately. They were very nice and finished the job earlier than expected as well. We are very happy with the finished product!
Steven Spitz 06/24/21 — google
Footprint Floor (Taryn and her team) did an excellent job installing our flooring. They were very professional and customer service friendly. They were very knowledgeable about the type of flooring I wanted and the price was fair. The flooring turned out beautiful in our living room. We will definitely use them again for future projects.
Willie Wiggins 06/22/21 — google
They did a great job installing my tile flooring! Taryn always kept in contact with me to let me know everything that was going on during the process. I highly recommend this company for your flooring needs.
Diane Axe 06/19/21 — google
Had kitchen and two bathroom floors done! Great work!
Greg Chamberlin 06/18/21 — google
Knowledgeable staff! This is such an important aspect of customer service and they have it. They can definitely expect future referrals from me.😉
Monica Moore 06/14/21 — google
Very professional and timely! Beautiful work! Floors look great! Highly recommend if you are looking to have your floors done!
Log into Facebook | Facebook 06/13/21 — facebook
Great professionalism and ease of getting an estimate! The price and expert advice makes getting my project done attainable and very exciting. Appreciated having the friendly help
Marvette Knight 06/10/21 — google
I'm a storm restoration contractor and many of my customers have interior damage from bad storms. I've referred many of my customers to them and they have all been happy!
Susan Little 06/8/21 — facebook
Three words to describe Footprints Floors: professional, proficient and efficient. I highly recommend Footprints for all your flooring needs.
Greg Thomas 06/8/21 — facebook
They are professional with great quality installations, and amazing customer service. I highly recommend Footprints Floors
Ethan Daniels 06/7/21 — facebook
Professional business; very responsive; they are all about customer service; I raised a concern and they took care of it immediately and - and then some. They will work with you to accommodate your schedule. This company will go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. I highly recommend using Footprints Floors of Greater Dallas.
E D 06/1/21 — google
They worked quick and did a great job with the install.
Sawyer Williams 05/26/21 — google

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