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Footprints Floors Partners with Vistaprint on ProShop

Posted on Jun 1st 2020

Footprints Floors has partnered with Vistaprint to introduce the ProShop resource, company-wide. Managed through Vistaprint Corporate Solutions, the Footprints Floors ProShop offers a wide range of professional, customizable marketing materials, with corporate-approved design templates that allow you to quickly plug in your franchise-specific information.
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Footprints Floors in the News

Posted on May 11th 2020

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led to various changes in daily life. Business has been heavily impacted, as social distancing measures and shelter-in-place orders have been issued across the nation. Although times of crisis are overwhelming, they often force us to think outside of the box. This creative energy has been noted as businesses across the nation reinvent their services and way of operating nearly overnight in order to keep their lights on and to continue serving their communities.

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How Virtual Estimates are Changing the Flooring Industry

Posted on Apr 13th 2020

Footprints Floors was featured in a recent Bisnow article for its creative approach to obtaining virtual flooring estimates during the pandemic.

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Footprints Floors Responds to COVID-19 Concerns

Posted on Mar 18th 2020

At Footprints Floors, we believe our role and responsibility is to continue to provide safe and reliable services to our customers while also cooperating with local health officials and government leaders in their efforts to contain the virus. We are closely monitoring information from a number of sources including the CDC, World Health Organization and local health departments.

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Choosing a Wood Floor Species

Posted on Nov 28th 2018

Wood floors come in a variety of species. Each provides a look that is unique to itself with its own color and physical characteristics. Some species are light, like maple, some are medium, like oak, and some are dark, like walnut. Each species also possesses natural characteristics that are inherent to its appearance, like knot holes, mineral streaks or grain variations. Click Below to read more from NWFA and see a gallery of the different species available.

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